5 Ways to Make Your Exhibition Stand Stand Out From the Rest

5 Ways to Make Your Exhibition Stand Stand Out From the Rest

Participating in an exhibition can mean a significant business expense. Investing in the stall itself is just the beginning, with designing and printing marketing materials, purchasing signage and other costly outlays can all add up. However, those stands that draw in new customers, industry colleagues and suppliers provide a good return on your investment. Make your stand a standout at your upcoming exhibition by following a few simple tips.

1. Branding

An exhibition is an ideal setting to build brand recognition via signage, signature colour and atmosphere. Make sure that your stand design reflects your product line. If you specialise in office equipment, create an upscale office setting. If your firm designs entertainment software, ask your staff to create a design that dazzles. Make sure your company logo, the icon of your brand, is a prominent in your displays.

2. Engagement

The stand that commands a second look must actively engage the senses. Build a multi-level display table that will challenge people’s perception. Catch their attention with a power point presentation or video. Consider adding soft music that invites relaxed conversation. Have a tray of biscuits or an aromatic pot of coffee to serve your visitors.

3. Interaction

Take a leaf from the social networker’s notebook and integrate interactive elements into your booth. Invite people to try out a piece of equipment, if appropriate, or enter a name-the-new product competition. Make sure your entry blanks have a place where visitors can fill in their email addresses so you can add them to your online contacts.

4. Value

Make it worth a person’s while to spend time at your stand. Offer promotional giveaway items that will entice others to stop by. A personalised pen will go straight into peoples’ purses or pockets. However, a tote bag stamped with your business logo will advertise your brand throughout the exhibition. Display a door prize prominently in your stand and encourage people to come in and enter to win. Try and have enough staff on hand so that you can give people enough time and attention and not keep them waiting. People might be interested but might have their attention caught by another stand if they are made to wait.

5. Connect

Select outgoing, friendly staff members as your exhibition representatives. They should make eye contact with passers-by, greet them warmly and invite them in. They must be familiar with your business products or services and know their way around your stand. Make sure that your reps are not skulking in a back corner or reading the newspaper. Without staff who effectively connect with business prospects, your stand is nothing more than an expensive place holder. Time spent on staff training for the show and on ensuring you have the right people, can really make a big difference in the end results.