Chinese Exhibition As a Possible Way to Attract Investors

Chinese Exhibition As a Possible Way to Attract Investors

There are many ways, how possible to find necessary for own business project investment. One of it is attending exhibitions and conferences, which, from one side, allow to make advertising of own company and, from other side, to collect information about others and create the base for the future contacts. It is recommended to pay attention to three key points: general approach, types of conferences, planning of the own participation at the conferences.

General approach supposes discovering of resources of the company, which presents own business project, understanding of its intentions and seriousness of these intentions. Moreover, it is significant to find out what kind of ways company is ready to use.

Under resources, it is understood presentation and there are some preferences about its quality. First of all, presentation should be developed according international standards in English, Chinese and Russian languages. In addition, translation of financial terms should be exact and in its place. This is important, because incorrect use of financial terms can lead to misunderstanding.

The other important point is seriousness of intentions. It is better to imagine, how often you will fly in China, how much it will cost and if the company is ready for this. Will participation in the conference be efficient and bring proper results? Answering this question manager of the company could easily to check seriousness of intentions.

The next point, which should to be noted is ways of participation in a conference. In spring and autumn, any company can get such called granted participation in exhibition. Grant supposes, that a company is provided with plain tickets, lodging, local transfer, exhibition stand and, may be, even translator for 1500 – 2000 dollars. Furthermore, it will be proposed to company to locate project at exhibition fair in frame of production fair or fair of investment attraction.

Such exhibitions are organized regularly. Participation in similar exhibitions could be obligatory, for those, who are looking investment, as granted conferences are visited by Chinese top managers, businessmen and investors. Almost all companies, which plan to build relationships with China should be present at similar exhibitions.

The aim of such exhibitions is usually to find interesting for Chinese market products. For example, although China produces a big amount of children food, they are also interested in deliveries from other countries of this products. The other example, successful broadening of own net of IT companies of Kasperskiy in China, in spite of the fact that there are a big amount of Chinese programmers. Such extending became possible due to frequent participation in different Chinese conferences.

In such way, participation in exhibition could attract attention of Chinese investors and businessmen to own company. In order to make decision about participation in Chinese exhibition, it is necessary to compare costs for it with possible achieved results and possibilities of the company to cover expenses. If the manager’s decision is positive, the next step could be preparation of qualitative presentation of the project and choosing of the possible sponsorship Chinese exhibition.