Exhibition Design – How to Make the Right First Impression

Exhibition Design – How to Make the Right First Impression

Exhibition design is a very important part of any marketing strategy. In order for a company, and what they are selling, to stand any chance of success they need to exhibit well.

Before deciding exactly how your company is going to exhibit you need to make some very important decisions. Before you move into the final stages of your exhibition design, you need to be clear on the visual identity of your company, the target group, the specific product or service that the exhibit is trying to sell, and the best type of selling strategy.

The target audience will be dictated mostly by the event that you have chosen to exhibit at. Within this group of people there will be lots of smaller groups, each with slightly different needs and requirements. You need to be absolutely clear which of these groups you most want to target your marketing at. Once you have made this decision then you should be able to decide on a strategy to best target these consumers.

Your exhibition design should be geared towards this target group and the marketing strategy that you believe will best sell your product or services to them. This strategy must also be implemented whilst maintaining your wider company identity and branding. It is also very important that your stand is appropriate for where you are exhibiting.

Juggling all of these requirements and still managing to produce a professional, well targeted exhibition design is a very difficult task. If you only have one, or a couple of very similar events to exhibit at each year, then you may find a formula that works for you. If your exhibiting requirements are more varied and diverse, then it will probably be worth enlisting some professional help.

There are lots of companies that specialize in exhibition design. They are often marketing companies that also have a lot of expertise in corporate branding. This means that all you need to do is give them a creative brief, along with any practical constraints, and they will be able to make it all happen. Using a company such as this also has many practical benefits. Resources that may not have been available to you such as pull up banner stands, large format laminating, exhibition light boxes, and other professional exhibition materials will be readily available to these companies ensuring that your exhibition stand looks professional.

Admittedly, not all companies will need the help of specialist exhibition design companies. If you are in doubt they are well worth looking into. The major advantage is that they will allow you to relax in the knowledge that your exhibition will be perfectly pitched and professional.