How to Attract Prospective Customers to the Exhibition Stand

How to Attract Prospective Customers to the Exhibition Stand

Exhibition stands are the best tools to market your products and draw potential customers to your business. Therefore, the design and the build of the stand should be unique and stand apart from the rest of the competition. Drawing customers to the exhibition stand can be challenging because competitors are usually located side by side. It may sound difficult but it is not impossible to attain. Despite others being located near to you, it is still possible to make your stand unique and attract customers.

Following are some unique ways to attract potential customers to your exhibition stand:

To attract customers to your exhibition stand, make your unique in the crowd. One way you can double up the chances of customers noticing your stand is by using visual displays. Visuals are the first thing that customers are likely to notice when they pass by your stand. Put tarpaulins or banners in your space. Design your booth in such a way that it becomes a distinctive one. You can also rely on professional model makers who can create a unique design for your stand. Little music also works wonder. Small things added often become distinct in the crowd. Use your creativity to make your stand unique.

Advertisement often does most of the job, if done correctly. Place Ads in local newspaper, radio, and newsletters declaring your participation in the exhibition. Send email to anyone in your list and mail postcards with the event details. Advertise prizes or other treats to the customers to attract them to the exhibition and to your stand.

A little PR activities often help. Circulate and check out the competition. See other’s strategy and also check out their drawbacks. Talk to the customers when they visit your stand. People are always attracted to friendly businesses and talking to them will help you gain some loyal clients.

Place promotional object on a table at the front of the stand to attract the eyes of passersby. Place objects like pens or key rings with your logo or business name on it, and use them as handouts for potential customers. Customers may get drawn to the free items and spend some time to look at your products. It can be another source of advertising for you, as customers are likely to use the products even after the event is over.

Drawing potential customers to your business through exhibition stand is hard as your competitors are located all around you. This is one of the reasons for which exhibition stand design and build quality needs to be unique. Now a day many exhibitors hire professional model makers to create unique exhibition stand designs for them. A skilled model maker uses various resources to prepare the exhibition stand design and even may present to the client in large format printing. He/she also ensures that the stand design is completed within time so that exhibitor gets it ready within stipulated time. When appropriately used, exhibition stand becomes one of the great tools for the exhibitors to communicate their services and products to the users.