Promote Your Handicraft Effectively During Exhibition

Promote Your Handicraft Effectively During Exhibition

Have you been to a handicraft exhibition only to end up being frustrated with displays that are so hard to see and access? For example, there was one that I attended that had all the nice handicrafts lying in a pile inside of baskets and trays. Despite having every intention to get my hands on some of the handicraft, I was turned off and walked away. The perfect way to turn a customer off is to make things complicated for him or her.

That is why having an eye-level display rack that gives customers instant access in a clutter-less manner is absolutely important. They want to walk by, see it, touch it and decide whether it was something that they wanted for themselves right there and then. It would be a mistake to have display racks that are too high up. They don’t want to crane their necks just to see what you have to offer.

The response rate from your customers and potential customers have everything to do with the attractiveness of your display area. Put some effort into it to attract people who may be interested in the handicraft. Of course, if the booth area that you have is located in a corner, it could be too dark for your potential customers to see. Check out the area about a week beforehand so that you will have the foresight and advantage of planning the lighting. The event organizers usually provide extra lightnings, but if they are not satisfactory, at the very least, you still have time on hand to find proper lightnings that could enhance the handicraft booth.

Clear the clutter, create space. That is basic principle used by many interior designers and is one that should be kept in mind when organizing the display area. Boxes, trays, baskets and all other items When browsing through the handicraft, your customers want to move around freely without side-stepping or tripping over those items.

And I will, hence, leave you with one more advice regarding organizing your exhibition display booth – make full use of banners and bunting stands to keep your customers from walking away. Have you ever walked around in an exhibition only to catch yourself staring at a nicely designed bunting or banner and wonder what the advertiser was trying to tell you? There, you’re hooked right there! So, knowing that now, wouldn’t it make sense to print and use banners and buntings during your handicraft exhibition effort?

We thought so too.