Trade Show and Exhibition Stands

Trade Show and Exhibition Stands

Trade Shows, Expos and Conferences require careful planning. However what is often forgotten until days to spare, is what you are taking and how to present it. Try to order your portable signs with a few weeks to spare at the very least. This gives the supplier time to get stock in and you to make changes to any artwork and ensure you are happy with the finished results.

So often it’s a rushed process and it gives you no time if things go wrong. Disappointing portable signs or the wrong choice means your company will not be represented in the best possible way. So next time you after a Banner stand, Display Board, Exhibition Stands or Pop Up Displays then plan ahead with time to spare.

Once you know what portable signs you are taking then plan your display booth, you know the size and shape of the booth so you need to maximize this to your advantage. Put the larger items at the rear such as a Pop Up Display and the shorter items such as brochure displays or promotional tables at the front.

Most Trade shows will last only a few days, some of the bigger ones a week, but as its usually expensive to exhibit, you want to make sure you make the right impression. You need to capture the customers attention quickly and research has indicated you might be lucky to get only 3 seconds.

As your business is competing against many other booths you need to ensure you create a simple booth that conveys your message. Don’t overpower potential customers with flashy booths that distract and confuse. Simply ensure your visitor receives the information they need, to make a decision favorable to your company.

Many businesses find that trade shows can be one of their best sources of new business, as well as a good way to attract media attention, so make sure you plan your booth very carefully and give yourself time. If you budget is limited look for quality portable signs, not the cheapest. Its true some people might not notice poor quality signs but many will. Some Banner stands I have seen are of such poor quality, that everyone will notice them, the graphics looks cheap and the media used will curl and is see through. Why bother going through the expense of exhibiting at a Trade Show and then use poor quality portable signs? Its better to go for less and better quality than more and cheap. After all, your aim is to display your company professionally.

All companies have a budget. There are many costs involved in exhibiting, just ensure your budget allows your booth to look professional and not cheap. Also remember if you are looking for your portable signs to be going from Trade Show to another Trade show then there is even more reason to purchase quality over price. Of course like most things you can get things a bit cheaper for the same portable signs but if it’s a lot cheaper you will need to know your research. There is usually a very good reason why products are much cheaper an most of the time it has to do with quality.