3 Essential Elements To Make Trade Show Booths Pop!

3 Essential Elements To Make Trade Show Booths Pop!

Any exhibition stand is a combination of a number of factors and businesses that strike the right note, are usually the ones that have figured out the perfect balance. While you figure out the creative details of your trade show display, here are some tips to take a bit of the guesswork out of the equation!

1. Lighting

Lighting is one of the most crucial elements of making sure your trade show stall looks good. So many exhibitors are under the impression that the organisers will manage the lighting and so they have to do nothing further.

While the lighting at the venue will certainly be taken care of, the specific requirements of your booth are your responsibility. Not only should you check to ensure that your stall is well lit, you should also take further steps to create a bright and positive ambience.

Firstly, most pavilions are lit with mercury vapour lighting, which casts a strange blue pall on everything. You should use halogen lamps or bulbs to counteract this effect.

Secondly, investing in lighting of your own is a great way to brighten up and even add colour to your exhibition display and you can even use it to strategically draw attention to significant facets of your stall.

2. Choice Of Background/ Wall

The background is instrumental to creating the right impression. The background can draw people in or turn them away, so you must plan well and figure out just the right thing to go with the rest of your display.

Avoid using fabrics for draping over the stall’s walls because fabrics absorb light and also end up looking stuffy in closed spaces. Use unique colour combinations and pleasing contrasts to make your booth stand out. Ask your exhibition contractor if they can build you a unique backdrop using interesting textures.

The backdrop should be the right balance of colour, lighting, texture, and material and of course, cost!

3. Booth Dimensions

While some trade shows will provide already-installed booths to the exhibitors, most leave it up to you to have yours designed and built on your own. Working in accordance with the parameters provided by the organisers, if any, opt for a slightly taller booth model than normal.

Most booths figure in the 8-foot range, which is adequate enough for displaying all your products and services. However, if you ask your exhibition stand contractors for a taller booth, say in the 12-foot range, not only will you instantly stand apart from the crowd, it’ll also place your banners and posters much higher than anyone else’s. This means your booth will have more visibility and will get attention from people all over the venue. Get your exhibition stand company to provide a 3D render of your space for you to visualise.

By using these tips not only will you be able to optimise your space better, you’ll also be able to put together a more attractive stall.