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Roll Up Banner Stand: Choose One That Suits Your Business Needs

Roll Up Banner Stand: Choose One That Suits Your Business Needs

For a business that deals with display of it’s item, whether it is in a tradeshow or exhibition, finding the most ideal display system can prove to be a hazardous task. This is because there are several factors that need to be considered such as the space, size, location as well as the design. However, this does not have to be the case anymore since there are several roll up stands for you to choose from. There are several factors that make roll up banner stands an ideal choice for any business.

For starters, they are eye catching and hence the best for use in trading. This is especially in trade shows, exhibitions, offices, presentations and show booths among other places.

Inexpensive way of advertising since they are availed at considerably fair prices

They are easy to assemble. As a result, after buying the same, you do not need to be an expert to use set them up. Once you get to your exhibition stall, the bottom case has to be unlocked. Once this is done, the banner should be slide inside the rollup and hooked on the pole provided. It is the perfect way for carrying out marketing campaigns.

One of the major benefits associated with investing in a roll up banner is the immediate returns brought about by exposure. For this reason, the first thing you need to do before making this investment is ask yourself what your business needs are. For instance, if your purpose is to display items in an exhibition, your priority should be the convenience of installing the rollup. This is because it would be very inconvenient to get to the exhibition stand only to realize that you cannot set the roll up. Before buying your rollup, ask the sales person to set it up for you. Once they show you the ropes, try to see if you are in a position to set it up on your own. This way, you will be certain that you know what it takes and get things rolling once you get to the exhibition stand.

Another important factor that you need to weigh is the maintenance. In this regard, if you will be moving around with your rollup banner stand, you must ensure that it has a hardened case. This is important as it ensures that you arrive at your destination with the rollup in proper working order. On the other hand, if you will be carrying it around by hand, it is advisable to choose one that has wheels or any other convenient feature that will make it easy to move around.

As much as the design is also important, always make a practical decision. This means that you ought to choose a rollup banner stand that meets the needs of your business. Make sure that you weigh all the options at your disposal and compare different rollups before making your final decision. To cap it all, it is always advisable to shop around until you find a dealer who offers you a rollup banner stand that falls within your budget.…

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Custom Exhibition Stands Should Be Made From Quality Material

Custom Exhibition Stands Should Be Made From Quality Material

For many people the ability of attending an exhibition means being able to see the products they want in an atmosphere which is not intimidating. The various stands you will find at these exhibitions also play their part by making the area of display look quite cosy and inviting. You will find there are numerous types of exhibition stands including that of custom exhibition stands. These stands are designed to be unique and fit the requirements of the customer. As this is the case you can be sure the exhibit will need to appeal to the customers who will want to see what can be found in such an interesting place.

It is for this reason that when you look at these exhibition stands that you will need to consider the best place for you to think about buying or hiring these stands. While the yellow pages can help provide you with a large range of suppliers you will find the internet is a better option as you will be able to see how the exhibition stands look like prior to buying or hiring them. Once you have considered this option you may want to make your choosing of these stands less stressful by listing the various needs one of these stands will need to undergo during the exhibition.

Some of these key points are the types of products which will be displayed in custom exhibition stands. As your display area is dictated not only by the number of products you have to exhibit, but the staff who will be working in this area, the potential customers who will be wandering in and out as well as staying in the stand, and the various other tools required to make the exhibition a success, you will definitely need to consider this point.

You should also think about the material you want your custom exhibition stands made from as the look of the stand can also influence the people who come to see what you have on display for them. You will find that some companies will make their stands from sustainable woods, which gives the shell of the stands a rich and luxurious look which is at the same time affordable. There are yet other companies where you will find the stands have been made from a durable yet warm acrylic.

In addition to looking at the size and materials you can get for your custom exhibition stands you should also find out how long it will take the company of choice to make and deliver your stand. Speaking of delivering as you look through the various online firms which supply these products and services you should enquire how the finished stand will be delivered to a location that you specify. Once all of these details have been ironed out you are ready to narrow your choice of exhibition stand suppliers to one and order the stand which you need for optimising your marketing appeal. The visual displays that you will see on these pages should be of help in seeing how one of these exhibition stands can make your company more attractive to potential customers.…

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Exhibition Stands Can Help Increase Sales

Exhibition Stands Can Help Increase Sales

In any kind of business whether big or small, exhibition stands are important to attract more customers. However, making your own exhibition stand or buying the perfect exhibition stand to attract your potential customers can be very difficult. If you understand marketing and business promotion you will understand that exhibitions are often very competitive places. Therefore if you do not plan very well and do not create a very attractive exhibition stand, it will be difficult to attract new clients at exhibitions.

It is always advisable to keep your company’s presence high when you do an exhibition and even before the exhibition it is very important to advertise your participation in the exhibition using the internet, media and posters. By doing this, you will generate the interest of customers who will want to know what you can offer them before, during and after the exhibition. Never forget to brief your existing clients on the exhibition, you can even use the RSS feed to make them aware faster. Make sure you have some free samples of your company’s products both existing and new that will be given to the first 10 or 20 new clients you receive or even a buy 1/2 get 1 free promotion and this will help to bring new customers on board. Also, using a projector showing what your company does is another great way to attract new customers. Remember to make sure your presentation is fun and simple to read with good music playing in the background.

Make sure you visit the place of exhibition a day before the exhibition, as this can help you locate a very good spot where you can put your stand. Never, ever be late for an exhibition; if possible be there at least one hour before the exhibition starts in order make sure everything is ready. At the exhibition, it is advisable to use a pop up stand because using a pop up stand relates to people from all walks of life. This is important as sometimes you will not know people that are coming to the exhibition. Therefore, it is good to be prepared by using a pop up stand although this does not mean you can not paste a banner to the stand. Make sure all electronic equipment like laptops, projectors, microphones etc. that will be needed for the presentations are in good conditions because you do not want to start a presentation and have microphone issues.…

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Know What You Like to Know What You Want

Know What You Like to Know What You Want

Re-discovering yourself is a monumental task. It is hard, difficult and in some cases painful, but sometimes you don’t have any choice. When I say “re-discovering myself” I don’t mean meditating under the sounds of chimes and the chants of Buddhist monks, I mean to find what you really, really like and enjoy in life. I was stuck in a deadend job, having worked it for over 15 years I didn’t see any point in what I was doing. I was unmotivated and in general not a good team member. At one moment my career consisted of me pretending to be working and my employer pretending to be paying me. Suffice it to say I was unsatisfied and depressed almost constantly.

This had its effect on my family, but the light of my life – my wife, stuck with me through the hardest parts. After I was laid off, I got the feeling that my boss was giving me my last papers with an almost visible sigh of relief. The strange thing was that I was almost as relieved as him, probably more so.

We didn’t have financial problems, so I wasn’t worried too much. I had some savings and my wife was also working so our family of 3 wasn’t put in a corner.

And then the great breakthrough came. While I was returning from yet another job interview I happened to pass by several exhibition trailers, promoting French culture, or France as a tourist destination I can’t remember clearly. The thing that is important is that one of the mobile showrooms was a kitchen where a French chef was demonstrating different, recipes and people around it were given the chance to taste everything he made.

I was entranced by his swiftness and his ability to transform the simplest of products into works of art. I had never stayed more than 3 minutes on a cooking channel on TV before that, but I started watching with something that bordered on religious fever.

After a long talk with my wife she agreed to let me try something new. I started attending chef courses, classes, anything that I could afford including experimentation at home. And as it turned out I was a natural.

After 7-9 months and with the help of some of my friends I opened a small Caf?�, where we would offer French atmosphere, French coffee, a large variety of sandwiches and cakes and if you had the patience to wait you could order a meal for home from a different set of menus.

And after an initial calm week we were flooded with customers and orders. I had to hire new people just to be able to keep up with the orders. I am happy as never before, I am making more money and providing for my family. And I created a successful business. I just had the luck to discover in what I am good and what I like and to be successful at it.…

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A Guide to Choosing the Right Exhibition Merchandise

A Guide to Choosing the Right Exhibition Merchandise

There are many different giveaway items available for exhibitions and trade shows. The array of merchandise on offer is used to encourage those potential clients to remember you and your company name further down the line. It’s a never ending plight and there are a number of different goods on offers which are inventive, as well as those which the traditional promotional giveaway. The possibilities really are endless.

Take, for example, the firm expo favourite and probably the first thing people think of when ‘Promotional Merchandise’ is mentioned: pens.

Here are some questions to pose yourself if you were thinking to purchase a bundle for your stall:

Who is merchandise for?

Does it reflect the ethics and values of your business?

Does it have a large enough print area to print a logo and a message?

The idea is not simply to give them a pen with your name on and rely on fate; it’s to give them a small gift that they find useful and attractive, so that the name on the pen becomes associated with quality and will, hopefully, be remembered when they or a colleague requires a service you can provide.

Pens are a massive player on the promotional items market, but don’t assume they are the be all and end all. A pen is simply not just a pen; there are a wide range of different types of pens on the market ranging from executive pens to frosted pens as well as plastic and metal pens. Remember the quality of your pen says a lot about your company.

You’re going to see a LOT of items you’d maybe never thought of or considered and, if you choose carefully and imaginatively, you’ll be able to take advantage of the incredible options promotional merchandise can provide.

Think about the message you want to convey; not just the design and making it look pretty.

Remember the promotional merchandise needs to be small enough to be given to a passing potential’s hand. So other items which work well are stress balls, branded mints and keyrings, all items which can have a logo as well as a promotional message printed on them.

As we’re all aware the competition is getting tougher and smarter; image is becoming ever more important as time goes on. The key is and always was to make yourself unique and recognisable, and there is merchandise that can help your business remain in people’s heads long after you’ve packed up the stall. Browse the marketplace as there is something there to suit each company.…

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How To Make An Impact With A Vinyl Banner

How To Make An Impact With A Vinyl Banner

A banner is a powerful tool for any advertising opportunity. They are cheap, flexible, easy to put up and take down, easy to store, re-usable and easy to clean. With a range of banners in your repertoire you will be best placed to set up an advert pretty much anywhere it is safe to do so. Let’s look at the different types of banners and where you can use them.

Banner Stand

The best kind of banner stand is the one you don’t notice. A banner stand is a bit like an easel for painting but a whole lot more sophisticated. With a banner stand you can set up any banner in any location with a flat surface, just perfect for exhibition displays. You might be taking part in a series of trade shows with a range of different locations where you have to set up. This could mean some days you have a wall and some days you don’t. With a banner stand you eliminate the worry and you can make an impact with a bold image on a PVC banner or alike right at the front of your display. Banner stands come in really big sizes too for use for example, outside a shop or garage or in a shopping centre, where space is limited.

Mesh Banner

A mesh banner should have a perfectly measured image and slogan on it for use in bold advertising positions. Think billboard style. The smart thing about mesh banners is that their material is full of minute holes so it doesn’t catch in the wind, making it perfect for outdoors in the open and on the side of buildings. To make a real impact with a mesh banner, assuming your image and message is top notch; you need to get it in a great spot. If you can having it at the side of a busy road can work, as long as it’s not too distracting. Try driving around and looking for good spaces where people can safely view your banner, but don’t bother putting a phone number on it or any info they need to write down. Instead try using ‘Search for ‘your product’ on Google’ or find us in the Yellow pages or something which will help them find it easily.

Pull Up Banners

These sneaky devils are great for guerrilla marketing as they can be set up elsewhere and put up in seconds. Don’t leave home on a high street flyer adventure without one. Experiment with messages that will get people to stop and ask a question.…

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How to Maximize Your ROI Through Exhibiting

How to Maximize Your ROI Through Exhibiting

The value of face to face selling at exhibitions is well documented, so in these testing times, where we all have fewer customers with less money to spend, it is imperative that we plan ahead and train our stand personnel to work harder and smarter than our competitors. The following tips might make the difference and help you realise the true potential of exhibiting.

Think about why you are exhibiting. Is it to sell more products, improve brand awareness, meet existing customers, collect leads for future appointments, find distributors or something else?

What are your objectives for the show?

Think about how you are going to measure success or ROI?

Are you judging success by the number of leads, sales, visitors, conversions, or the amount of brochures you give out?

Set daily targets for each person manning the stand and measure their performance.

Communicate your objectives to the team and most importantly, measure.

Give staff incentives to encourage activity and accuracy.

Do your research about the show

Can the organiser back the visitor numbers up?

Is the exhibition ABC audited?

Is the audience made up of your typical customer?

Speak to other exhibitors before you book.

Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS)

Keep your exhibition stand graphics simple. “Who you are” and “what you do” is often missed!

Make your space work for you with plenty of room to meet clients, discuss projects or demonstrate products.

Speak to expert Exhibition contractors. If you are looking for a reliable exhibition contractor who may already be building at your show then make sure you use an ESSA member –

Pre-exhibition planning

Once you have agreed your objectives make sure you explain them to the people that are manning the exhibition stand and make sure that everybody knows who is responsible for what!

Invite your customers and prospects before the show using social media, your web site and direct mail.

Tell them something “interesting” and give them a reason or incentive for visiting.

Remember, most visitors have gone to a great deal of expense and trouble to attend.

Data capture

Whether you use bar code readers or a simple pad and pen, make notes on what your customers were interested in so that you can send them the correct information or speak to them in more detail after the show.

“There is nothing worse for a customer, who has spent half an hour on the stand explaining his requirement, than receiving a telephone call a week later asking him what he was interested in.”


Before the show discuss what questions your customers are likely to ask and make sure you have the answers or know where to get them.

Train your staff on products, availability, distributors, prices, trade discounts, delivery costs, production times, service agreements, returns policy and don’t forget it your customers might want to “know who else has bought your product or service”.…

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The Hire of Exhibition Stands is Common For Major Exhibitions

The Hire of Exhibition Stands is Common For Major Exhibitions

An important exhibition is looming on the horizon and your company is planning on participating in the exhibition. As buying a bespoke stand is out of the question you have been given the task of looking at the hire of exhibition stands. At first you may feel overwhelmed as the choices which are confronting you seem to be endless. Add to this fact the need to find a reputed company which can provide you with the stand which fulfills the requirements your company has set and will allow you to hire this stand for a given period of time. Before you start panicking you might want to start with looking through the internet.

Here you will find not only numerous companies which can provide you with a good choice of stands that can be hired, but you will also have the chance of browse around and compare the services you will get when you are looking at the hire of exhibition stands. These services that you will find from a number of these companies are the setting up of the stand before you make a final decision about ordering one stand choice. You may find it possible to order accessories which can turn your stand area into an inviting place that lures all who pass by.

Another item you will be able to look at when you look at stand rental is the different materials which these stands are made from. For instance you will find there are some companies which use wood as the outer surface shell while the inner part of the exhibition stand will be made from another material. There will be other stand companies which use aluminum as the frame for their stands. These aluminum frames will be hardy, yet easy to assemble and dismantle. While you are looking at the materials which will make these stands an asset to your company you can also see the different sized stands.

This aspect to hiring an exhibition stand is vital as you will need plenty of room to accommodate your potential customers, staff, and products to be displayed as well as display units in the stand area. Based on these points the hire of your exhibition stands will help you to narrow down the overwhelming choices in front of you. Once you have looked at these items the next step you will need to approach is looking at the length of time you will be able to hire one of these stands.

The length of time you can get in the hire of exhibition stands will vary from stand rental company to company. Therefore you should see this item well in advance of noting the name of the stand renting company. As you see while hiring an exhibition stand which fits your company’s requirements may seem daunting at first, when you take the requirement points one at a time you will soon find not only a company which can supply you with the right type of exhibition stand but one which can be adapted to any type of setting you will be facing in the exhibition. In short you will find that hiring an exhibition stand is more convenient than buying a custom designed stand.…

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The Correct Exhibition Stand to Increase Sales

The Correct Exhibition Stand to Increase Sales

Creating the best exhibition stand design, having it built, and then using it as your vehicle to win new customers is one of the most tried and trusted ways of promoting new business sales. It gives you the opportunity of attracting potential customers into your environment, an environment that you have had built especially for the occasion. Once you have their attention it’s then up to you, and your exhibition to peek their interest, and try to make that all important sale.

Most markets are highly competitive, and an exhibition means that you will be invariably sharing the hall with your competitors. Good custom built exhibition booths are therefore essential in order to woo the client traffic onto your stand rather than allowing it to be tempted onto one of the competing stands.

So many companies allow themselves to become too complacent when it comes to the quality of their exhibition stands. Once they’ve bought a stand from the exhibition contractors of their choice, they tend to stick with it, even if it isn’t performing as well as it should. But that is false economy. Okay they might save money by not having a different company of exhibition stand builders assemble a new stand for them. But just think of all of the lost sales they will miss out on. Now that’s a heavy opportunity cost.

So maybe it’s time to grab the bull by the horns and commission a new exhibition stand design. If it is to be successful in its purpose, here are a few points you need to consider.

It has to grab the attention of the passing punter, from as far away as possible.

It needs to look aesthetically pleasing, but it must also look professional.

It must be capable of conveying what it is you are offering, and what your company stands for.

It must be unique, and it must promote your corporate brand.

Corporate branding is really important. It is something that enables people to easily recognize your company and your products, and that helps them to associate with your brand’s integrity. The exhibition contractors you work with should understand these aims and must be fully capable of providing you with a stand that delivers on all counts.

Exhibition stand design stands are the way to go. Even if you know little or nothing about how to actually build a stand yourself, you probably know the theme and brand that you want to promote. This is where your choice of exhibition stand contractors becomes key. The right contractor will be able to take your concept and turn it into a winning reality. They will work hand in glove with you to provide you with a finished product that will out attract any of your competitors’ stands.

Don’t forget that securing space at any exhibition is a costly affair, so you need to ensure that you get the best return you can from your investment. Remember that it’s not just the exhibition design that is crucial, it’s also essential to find the very exhibition stand builders in order to fulfill and exceed your expectations.

New custom built exhibition stands can have a huge impact on your future sales performance. Ensure that you maximize your potential by choosing the very best exhibition stand contractors.…

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Participation in Trade Shows and Trade Show Stands – 102

Participation in Trade Shows and Trade Show Stands – 102

Participation in Trade Shows is no-brainer. There are some basic guidelines to follow, and you will do just fine. Putting on a positive attitude, a smiling face is one of these. An inquiring and open mind for suggestions and improvement is another. However, to really shine in the expo is a little more tricky. Below are some more advanced tips for getting the expected gains out of the whole trade show experience.

The stand… oh the stand

The most obvious and visible sign of your presence in the expo is your exhibition booth, or as some call, trade show stand. Asked what a trade show stand is, one can shortly summarize it as your office in the expo. In that stand or booth you will promote your company, tell about your products to potential clients, explain the services you provide, have a cup of relaxing coffee while negotiating a profitable deal with the visitors of your stand.

That is why the exhibition booth you have at the expo should be worthy of the image and prestige of your firm. The visitors at the trade show will carve the first impression concerning your firm by looking at the stand you have. Therefore, it is not optional to have the best stand you can afford. Don’t forget the central role it will play in promoting and representing your firm in the expo. A less desirable booth is bound to effect negatively the number of contacts you will make in the next few days.

And also don’t forget that we are talking about extremely time-constrained events. Given the limited time frame of only a few days a year, the sooner you attract the attention of your potential clients, the better. And you certainly will attract attention quicker with a nice looking and outstanding exhibition booth, than a dull and boring one.

Perfectionism revisited

Yet there is no single, universal definition of ideal trade show stand. The needs and conditions of every firm, expo, and industry are unique and distinct. For instance, the primary purpose of participation in trade shows in a specific line of business may be to increase and preserve the prestige of the firm. In another line of business, the primary objective would be to get a good old short term sales spree. What is more, the scale and market position differences among firms would also be a variable in determining their expectations. Hence, there is no single perfect exhibition booth. But that is not to say that you can not have a perfect stand. With due diligence to details and, one can not emphasize this enough, a strong understanding of your firm’s needs, you can have the perfect one for your firm.

To summarize, one can say that the stand you have should reflect the objectives of your firm, and project the image you choose for it. For these events comprise only a few days out of a long year, you will have to live with the consequences of the choices you made concerning the stand, at least till the next trade show. An unsuitable exhibition booth will certainly limit the returns you will get from from the investment you made in the whole trade show experience.

Long story short

In a nutshell, getting an exhibition booth designed specifically for you is a must. Getting a standard, run-of-the-mill booth provided by the organizing firm is a big no-no. In order to maximize the efficiency in expo participation, it is crucial to make use of the services provided by an experienced trade show services and stand design firm, one with which you can establish a positive and constructive dialog.…