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How to Attract Prospective Customers to the Exhibition Stand

How to Attract Prospective Customers to the Exhibition Stand

Exhibition stands are the best tools to market your products and draw potential customers to your business. Therefore, the design and the build of the stand should be unique and stand apart from the rest of the competition. Drawing customers to the exhibition stand can be challenging because competitors are usually located side by side. It may sound difficult but it is not impossible to attain. Despite others being located near to you, it is still possible to make your stand unique and attract customers.

Following are some unique ways to attract potential customers to your exhibition stand:

To attract customers to your exhibition stand, make your unique in the crowd. One way you can double up the chances of customers noticing your stand is by using visual displays. Visuals are the first thing that customers are likely to notice when they pass by your stand. Put tarpaulins or banners in your space. Design your booth in such a way that it becomes a distinctive one. You can also rely on professional model makers who can create a unique design for your stand. Little music also works wonder. Small things added often become distinct in the crowd. Use your creativity to make your stand unique.

Advertisement often does most of the job, if done correctly. Place Ads in local newspaper, radio, and newsletters declaring your participation in the exhibition. Send email to anyone in your list and mail postcards with the event details. Advertise prizes or other treats to the customers to attract them to the exhibition and to your stand.

A little PR activities often help. Circulate and check out the competition. See other’s strategy and also check out their drawbacks. Talk to the customers when they visit your stand. People are always attracted to friendly businesses and talking to them will help you gain some loyal clients.

Place promotional object on a table at the front of the stand to attract the eyes of passersby. Place objects like pens or key rings with your logo or business name on it, and use them as handouts for potential customers. Customers may get drawn to the free items and spend some time to look at your products. It can be another source of advertising for you, as customers are likely to use the products even after the event is over.

Drawing potential customers to your business through exhibition stand is hard as your competitors are located all around you. This is one of the reasons for which exhibition stand design and build quality needs to be unique. Now a day many exhibitors hire professional model makers to create unique exhibition stand designs for them. A skilled model maker uses various resources to prepare the exhibition stand design and even may present to the client in large format printing. He/she also ensures that the stand design is completed within time so that exhibitor gets it ready within stipulated time. When appropriately used, exhibition stand becomes one of the great tools for the exhibitors to communicate their services and products to the users.…

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Your Imagination is Limitless

Your Imagination is Limitless

When it comes to the design of a booth or design of a retail shop, your imagination is your only limit. The problem with some people is that they have difficulty in thinking out of the box. In their minds, the possibilities remain within this neat little steel box…everything else outside of that realm is either unachievable or senseless. Like building a high rise tower, it needs to have the right structure but one should not forget about the design as well. After all, this is what attracts people to your booth!

Break out of the habit of thinking within the confines of a box. Stereotyping how a booth should look like will stop you from creating a knock-out jaw-dropping booth during your exhibition.

Allow for flexibility

Most modern exhibition display systems are flexible and portable. In fact, we’ve seen some that allows for multiple purposes and can go with many other types of flexible exhibition display is good news because we’re thinking along the lines of the ‘Lego’ concept.

Even though most exhibition booths look pretty much the ‘s square and it’s small, if you allow for flexibility, you can use the same display in your shop, during road shows or prop it up for promotions and sales.

Ask and you shall

Most of us have very static ideas about how to beautify our exhibition booth and if this applies to you, what you should do is to ask for help. Most exhibition display companies provide this consultation free.

Budget is a big thing

Creativity aside, don’t let the sales assistant derail you about the budget. Let them know that you’re not going to spend beyond your limit and ask them to recommend stuff that fits into that budget. If that’s not possible, consider alternatives and get them to recommend it to you.

The bottom line is that you should feel excited about presenting the whole thing to the people during the exhibition and you feel comfortable with spending that amount of money on it.…

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Why You Should Consider Exhibition Stand Rental

Why You Should Consider Exhibition Stand Rental

When you are going to attend your first trade show, and you don’t know much about these shows and exhibition stands, in this condition hiring an exhibition stand is more beneficial rather than buying one.

The reason for this is that when you have the first time experience you look around the stands and observe what type of stands are more perfect for different types of products. You might look into what styles and sizes are available and which one would be the perfect one for your products or services. If you choose to buy a stand in your first exhibition it could be a total waste of money as you might change your mind as to what would be the best stand for your company after you’ve experienced the show.

If you are on a tight budget and have no money to buy one for yourself, then exhibition stand rental is a cost effective solution. You can choose among many stands the one that fits best to your needs and product specifications and suits to display your product. If it works fine then you might think of buying next time.

There are many types of exhibition stands; they come in different styles and shapes. Some of them that might be of an interest to you include:

– folding & modular stands

– poster & clip frames

– a-frame signboards

– tabletop counters

– pop-up systems

– literature stands

– cable displays

– banner stands

– workstations

– roll-up stands

– podiums

– plinths

The Roll-Up stands are universal and suitable for nearly any kind of trade show or exhibition. They are an excellent marketing tool with their graphics and headline. If you have a limited space available in the trade show then plinths, podiums and workstations can be extremely useful.

Hiring a modular display stands and the ones that can be folded up are a good choice also. They come in different sizes and shapes. They are portable as they are light weighted. Modular display ones can be arranged in either a landscape or a portrait format, whatever suits you best.

Once you have had enough experience of the trade shows by renting different types of stands, you learn a lot. It is more economic and once you have had enough experience then you can think of buying one of your own custom built exhibition stand.…

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The Benefits of Professional Exhibition Stand Design

The Benefits of Professional Exhibition Stand Design

It is rare to have an exhibition where yours is the only company providing a particular product or service.

With rival firms selling their wares just a few feet away, your company needs to do everything it can to make sure it stands out among the competition. One surefire way of getting an edge is to employ the services of a professional exhibition stand designer.

Although putting a stand together may appear to be a simple and straightforward endeavor, this is far from the case. The best stands incorporate elements of architecture, interior design, marketing, sound engineering and product development – all specialist areas that most people are happy to leave to professionals.

A stand needs to be eye-catching and inviting but also practical so that once visitors are inside, they understand exactly what product or service is being offered and having the opportunity to ask questions or take away additional literature. The position of graphics, displays, brochure racks and even the wall panels themselves are all part of this and need to be balanced in order to present the company in the best possible light.

Exhibition Stand Contractors

A skilled designer will also choose materials and themes that reflect and enhance the values of your company. A high-quality, professional-looking stand also says something about the company exhibiting within it. Classy exhibition stand design can do wonders for your corporate identity.

The best designers produce stands that are re-useable, allowing you to attend shows in other parts of the country or the world using the same basic materials. Having a modular design, where elements can be added or taken away, allows you to install a version of the stand in venues of various sizes or ones which have different rules about the maximum build height or width.

An exhibition stand designer will often become the project manager for the exhibition and take responsibility for gathering together all the necessary workmen and craftspeople needed for the installation. This can free up your own staff until the moment they are needed and give you peace of mind that the people in charge of putting everything together know what they are doing.

Your First Exhibition

If you are planning your first exhibition, you can waste a huge amount of time and energy getting up to speed with the various rules and regulations that are contained within the manual of the venue. By hiring someone to design and oversee the project you can use your time more constructively.

If you are concerned about the cost, a good exhibition stand contractor can work within any budget. In many cases, the less money they have to spend, the more creative they are about finding way to satisfy the client’s brief. It is also important to remember that, if the goal of attending the exhibition is to drum up additional business, having a cheap-looking stand that attracts no visitors could ultimately end up costing you more in lost clients.

First impression count and if the first encounter a potential client has with your company is your stand at an exhibition, you’d best be sure it’s a good one.…

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The Power Of A Great Banner

The Power Of A Great Banner

They’re big and bold for big bold statements…

Big written statements need a big place to make the impact they deserve. No matter what you want to say, if you need to say it loud and proud there is nothing much better than a banner. Loudspeakers can be misheard, emails can be lost or discarder, websites can be blocked and people can be ignored. A banner is unavoidable, unmistakeable and can echo for much longer than anything else.

Here are some great examples of where a banner is irreplaceable:


Politics is all about messages: messages of support, messages of intention, messages of anger etc. Every stage of the political process from the unrelenting election campaigns, right through to the smear campaigns that are inevitable for all but the cleanest of politicians involve big sound bite messages that the media and public lap up.

Banners in politics are especially powerful as they leave little to the imagination. Who can forget the devil eyes of Tony Blair from a Conservative billboard banner campaign? Not only did people see this, but the media splashed in on their front pages and carried it further than the graphic artist might ever have hoped for.


Following nicely from politics, protests are another area where banners have a big impact. Lost amid a sea of clenched fists, a big bold banner can easily be picked up by the television cameras and delivered to computers and TVs around the world in seconds. Protests are all about getting your point across and making bold statements that will hopefully be listened to by all who see and hear the protest. Cheap banners shout louder than hundreds of people and can carry more weight as its meaning lingers for longer than the last handcuffed activist hanging from a fencepost.


A great advertising banner is worth a lot of money. Just as political and protest banners have an impact on citizens; an advertising banner or series of exhibition displays have the power to influence everyone who reads it into spending money on a product. (Or so the advertising agency hopes.) When an agency designs a banner to be used in an advertising campaign they need to think about everything including: who their target audience is, where they are going to put the banner, what they want the reader to do, how the message reflects on their company as a whole and so much more. Every detail is crucial as the power of a banner can also backfire.…

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3 Essential Elements To Make Trade Show Booths Pop!

3 Essential Elements To Make Trade Show Booths Pop!

Any exhibition stand is a combination of a number of factors and businesses that strike the right note, are usually the ones that have figured out the perfect balance. While you figure out the creative details of your trade show display, here are some tips to take a bit of the guesswork out of the equation!

1. Lighting

Lighting is one of the most crucial elements of making sure your trade show stall looks good. So many exhibitors are under the impression that the organisers will manage the lighting and so they have to do nothing further.

While the lighting at the venue will certainly be taken care of, the specific requirements of your booth are your responsibility. Not only should you check to ensure that your stall is well lit, you should also take further steps to create a bright and positive ambience.

Firstly, most pavilions are lit with mercury vapour lighting, which casts a strange blue pall on everything. You should use halogen lamps or bulbs to counteract this effect.

Secondly, investing in lighting of your own is a great way to brighten up and even add colour to your exhibition display and you can even use it to strategically draw attention to significant facets of your stall.

2. Choice Of Background/ Wall

The background is instrumental to creating the right impression. The background can draw people in or turn them away, so you must plan well and figure out just the right thing to go with the rest of your display.

Avoid using fabrics for draping over the stall’s walls because fabrics absorb light and also end up looking stuffy in closed spaces. Use unique colour combinations and pleasing contrasts to make your booth stand out. Ask your exhibition contractor if they can build you a unique backdrop using interesting textures.

The backdrop should be the right balance of colour, lighting, texture, and material and of course, cost!

3. Booth Dimensions

While some trade shows will provide already-installed booths to the exhibitors, most leave it up to you to have yours designed and built on your own. Working in accordance with the parameters provided by the organisers, if any, opt for a slightly taller booth model than normal.

Most booths figure in the 8-foot range, which is adequate enough for displaying all your products and services. However, if you ask your exhibition stand contractors for a taller booth, say in the 12-foot range, not only will you instantly stand apart from the crowd, it’ll also place your banners and posters much higher than anyone else’s. This means your booth will have more visibility and will get attention from people all over the venue. Get your exhibition stand company to provide a 3D render of your space for you to visualise.

By using these tips not only will you be able to optimise your space better, you’ll also be able to put together a more attractive stall.…