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An Exhibition Stand Rental Might Help You Dominate the Next Trade Show

An Exhibition Stand Rental Might Help You Dominate the Next Trade Show

Let’s take a look at how an exhibition stand rental might help you dominate the next trade show. As the representative of a rising company, you truly understand that any trade show offers the opportunity to obtain a strategic advantage over your competition that cannot be ignored. Remember that exposure at a trade even translated directly into brand exposure, and that is something that cannot always be bought for money.

The only issue anyone could have with a trade show, the only negative point that could possibly arise – is that the competition is invited!! Now this is a crucial point, because it generally means that they will be doing their very best to steal your thunder, to obscure your efforts and to ensure that it is they, not you, who are noticed by customers, and who ultimately reap the benefits of the even in increased sales.

So how does an exhibition stand rental help you?

Now of course on the main pieces of equipment you will need to put on a good showing at an event of this sort is an exhibition stand – and here is where the first problem could arise. You will find when you start searching for that perfect stand for your company, that there is such a variety available that you do not even know where to start looking, or what to look for. There are stands in all sizes and designs – not to mention different qualities and configurations so that you hardly know which one would be best for your company.

Well, just use your company’s specific requirements – not just for one trade event, but for all the events of the financial year – as a basis, and then select the stand that most fits those requirements. But don’t buy it right away, use an exhibition stand rental instead, because choosing the perfect stand for your company is more a process of trial and error. After all, you and your team may decide that a stand fits you company perfectly – and then you may realise that your customers do not agree. After all, in such a case your customers’ opinions are crucial, and whatever you choose has to ‘click’ with them.

So test out your choice. Rent, do not buy. And then if you find that the stand you have selected isn’t working out, you lose little. Simply go out and rent another one of a different configuration and design for the next event, and if that doesn’t work, change your choice to yet another exhibition stand rental until you finally find something that does work. And when you do find that you have something that customers are responding to in droves – that’s when you actually have to buy, and not a moment before.

There are other scenarios where renting a stand could help you – for example if your company happened to lose money in the fiscal quarter and you would like to curtail expenses temporarily while still not foregoing your visibility at trade events. In such an eventuality, hiring a stand becomes a cost effective option. Then there is the question of storage space – perhaps you have no desire to store something as bulky as an exhibition stand and prefer an exhibition stand rental for each separate trade show. You might choose to have a few easily store-able graphics panels made to give these rented stands a uniform look.…

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Trade Show Tactics For A Compelling Exhibition Stand

Trade Show Tactics For A Compelling Exhibition Stand

Draw Those Customers In Like Bees To Honey! Trade Show Tactics For Compelling Display

Participating in a trade show isn’t just about marking your place in the industry or interacting with other companies and professionals in the field. While these aims certainly count, the true purpose of setting up exhibition stands should be to attract a large crowd and turn them into tangible sales and long-term customers.

If participating in an exhibition doesn’t result in direct sales and profits, what’s the point of all the effort and time and money you spent in putting your exhibition booth together?

What we’ve got for you here is an exciting list of techniques and tricks used by industry old hands for converting mildly interested crowds into buyers, clients and solid testimonials. The secret is in using your exhibition stand to your advantage and making the most of the opportunities available.

While hiring an exhibition stand design company you must make sure you work with someone who shares your vision and can give shape to your ideas. You don’t want to spend good money on run-of-the-mill displays and stands that you could’ve purchased just about anywhere. The same way your business has a unique identity of its own every representation of it should be equally compelling and distinctive.

If you take away just one tip from this entire article, it should be this: hire reputable exhibition stand designers to build a unique and attractive display for your booth. Nothing screams “unprofessional!” quite like having a display booth that looks like all the others! It’s lazy, it’s amateurish and it sends out a really negative message about your company!

Now, if you’ve hired the right exhibition stand company, your booth will look good, but here’re some more things you can do to make it really popular.

To begin with, you should optimise your fabulous display by using the space around it to your advantage. When you have a striking exhibition booth, half the battle’s already won, but don’t stop just there: decorate the space around the booth too! Using banners high above the booth and on the booth’s “walls” or edges can really help make it pop! Colourful banners bearing your company’s name, crucial details and interesting, fun messages will draw people from all ends of the exhibition pavilion. They ensure more visibility and greater exposure, which is all you really want at a trade show!

Never underestimate the power of freebies at a trade show. To maximise the crowd’s attention, arrange a table or a small stand at the head of your display booth and keep a large, clear bowl filled with goodies on it. Add a banner or a poster to your booth announcing free gifts for passers-by. People are easily drawn to give-aways and you can make these even more appealing by using the same colour scheme and design theme as the rest of your booth. Make sure you add your company’s name and logo clearly to these gifts: it’ll etch your brand in the customer’s mind long after they leave the exhibition.

Remember, at an industry event a lot of your competitors will also be present. You don’t want to get ignored for, or worse still, confused with, one of your rivals. Hire an exhibition stand builder who not only excels at unique designing but can also guarantee a sophisticated end product. A truly effective way to make an impression is to balance creativity with class, and only an established exhibition designer will know how to do so!…

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Portable Exhibition Stands Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Portable Exhibition Stands Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Exhibitions are one of the best places for you to see the different types of exhibition stands that people and companies use to display their products. Of these numerous stands you will see portable exhibition stands which are ideal for the times when you will be participating in a number of different exhibitions all within a close period of time. As these types of stands can be fixed and disassembled quickly and easily they are a good choice if you know that you will be in this type of situation. In order to find these portable stands you may want to look through the internet to see the different version of this type of exhibition stand.

The various online pages that you can look through will provide you with a wide range of choices about portable exhibition stands that you can look at. As you look at these stands you will be able to see various details and information about these stands which can help make choosing one easier than you may have imagined. However before you go any further you might want to take a few moments to jot down some key buying or hiring points which can narrow the search parameters down significantly.

While you might feel as if you were allowing yourself a limited number of choices, when you look through the online pages you will begin to understand why having these points listed can make your life easier. You will find there are companies which have the ability of creating elegant portable exhibition stands that can be adjusted to the needs of the exhibition moment. This form of exhibition stand is considered to be a modular stand. You will also find there are companies which can create functional stands which are seen in a shell form. Another type of stand that you might want to look into is that of a permanent display stand.

Once you have looked at the different forms of exhibition stands that can be bought or hired the next item to look at is the size of the stand. This size comparison should include the measurements for the inside and outside of the stand. The inside stand measurements are to a degree more important then the outer shell. This is because this is the area where your staff, visitors to the stand area, products to be displayed and sold will be placed. In addition to these people and goods you will also need to remember the furniture which will need to be used to show off the products you are displaying and perhaps selling.

Another item you might want to look at while you are considering the best possible choice of portable exhibition stands is that of the different materials and ways which can be employed to enhance the look of the stand so that it has the ability of luring potential customers to your stand. In this regard you will find some of the online companies will provide this service along with the numerous choices available for these exhibition stands.

As you see choosing these types of exhibition stands is not a difficult task once you have a good idea of what you are looking for. The numerous companies that you will find on the internet can help with selecting these stands a more enjoyable task.…

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Stand Out in the Crowd – Making the Most of Your Exhibition Stand

Stand Out in the Crowd – Making the Most of Your Exhibition Stand

If you are looking to exhibit this year, you need to make sure that every penny is well spent and that means making sure your exhibiting process and your stand are well thought out.

Before you begin working out the look of your stand, it is important to identify its function and your objectives for the exhibition. If the aim is to meet with existing customers and build relationships with them, it may be important to have a comfortable seating area or even a private meeting room within the stand. If the objective is to gather information and data from as many visitors as possible, you will need to attract visitors to your stand and make sure you have the right equipment in order to quickly and easily take their details.

One thing that your stand will allow you to do, whatever your objectives, is to showcase your products to potential users or buyers. To this end it is important to make sure that you give your stand a USP, something to differentiate it from all the others around it. This might be as simple as identifying a new product or it might be placing something large and wacky on the stand. There is a hotel in Chicago with a large cow sculpture attached to the front of the building. I can’t remember the name of the hotel but I will be able to find it again because of the cow. There are hundreds of stands at any exhibition. Give your stand a reason to be remembered.

Choose a stand space that will give you traffic flow from as many directions as possible. Corner positions are ideal but there are never enough of them. Alternatively choose a position en route or close to a cafe, the entrance/exit or close to another key company that you know will have plenty of visitors!

As soon as you register for your chosen exhibition, you will be provided with a floor plan from which to choose your stand space. There are two types of exhibition stand space – Space Only and Shell Scheme. Space Only stands give you just that, the space. It is then up to you to build your entire stand from the floor up. This will undoubtedly give you the potential for the most eyecatching, exciting stand design but will also come with a fairly hefty budget requirement.

Shell Scheme stands are basically three flat walls, a floor and a facia panel into which you can put your own graphics or use your own Pop-up stand within the structure. This is a far lower cost option than Space Only, However, the end result will not give you the freedom to be as eyecatching.

If you have the budget to play with, then the Space Only and bespoke stand will have the best impact.

Choose your exhibition stand position to gain as much exposure as possible. Being on a corner is good as you get people coming towards your stand from different directions. Positions close to cafes are generally good, providing they are not tucked away in a corner. This also gives you the opportunity to grab a coffee with prospects or customers without needing to go far from the stand which is helpful if there are not many of you manning the stand. Choosing a stand close to a ‘popular’ stand, or known brand /attraction can be helpful as you know it will attract visitors to your area.…

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Drawing Customers Made Easy

Drawing Customers Made Easy

Ever wondered why some outlets engage your instant notice whereas some don’t. Are you the one pondering over how to increase sale. If you think that merely having a shop would suffice, think again. To have a business space is not enough. To make your business work matters the most and surely holds tons of importance. When it comes to driving more people into your shop for purchasing, the only solution to attract more customers is advertising. It is not only limited to distributing leaflets. One must go an extra mile to reap extra profits. A little more from your end can turn out be a big profit.

Advertising has various aspects and thus there are many means to reach people. If you succeed in telling others that you exist in any given business, you are surely on the right track. Easier said than done; It’s a big challenge to let others know about your presence in the market. One has to employ various techniques to ensure the desired output. Being dogmatic about the ways of advertising and following conventional methods can lead to failure. Keeping a broader view and knowing the customers well is extremely important. Your personal values and beliefs may sometime differ but should never interfere in identifying customers’ needs. The broader perspective makes it easy to analyze current trends. The trends need not be product-oriented all the time- it can be marketing-oriented as well. If you are able to fill the advertising gaps, selling a product becomes easy.

To advertise better and to reach the customer’s mind, one must employ different means. One flat way might not be very successful. For an example, just distributing pamphlets is not sufficient; one can widen the prospects by offering discounts. Putting banners can really be very helpful. Banner stands intelligently utilizing the space available surely attracts many people at one time. Interesting posters or images are again helpful. These are the easiest and quickest means to catch the attention of customers. If one has the option, cut-outs also play an important role (depending on the type of the product one deals into). Cut-outs are easily noticeable and customers usually notice different things.

Even proper light arrangements can also bring your shop into notice. LED-light boxes or bright letters are truly successful in bringing forth your point of sale. Prominent display of your product on mannequins is nevertheless a great idea. Direct display of the products draws more customers quite easily. Roll-up banner stands with tantalizing visuals lure customers to enter the outlet. With these advertising means one can mark an impression on the customer’s mind and the effect is pretty long-lasting.…

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Exhibition Stand – Key Points to Consider to Ensure Exhibition Success

Exhibition Stand – Key Points to Consider to Ensure Exhibition Success

We are all aware of the potential of exhibiting our products and services in places where targeted customers gather. The best examples of these are conferences, events or exhibitions.

The exhibition stand used to market your products should be well designed. During conferences, events and exhibitions there will be many competing stands and it is important that yours is designed in a way that it attracts the attention of exhibition visits.

A successful one needs to find the balance of having a large display area and being easy to assemble and transport. It also needs to effectively utilize the exhibition booth or area that you have been assigned in the exhibition, without taking up a large part of it and ensuring that there is enough space for others to come in and meet you and your colleagues to ask questions.

They should also be of high quality as they will need to be transported to and from each exhibition and will often need to be assembled several times before the actual exhibition itself.

An exhibition stand is an important marketing tool in any industry, whether it is real estate, technology or any other sector. For each industry, there is usually a certain type that is used and it is important to let the designer or supplier know the sector that you are targeting. This will ensure that the one that they supply you with is industry specific and ideal for the exhibition that you will be taking part in.

When choosing a designer or manufacturer, it is important that they produce high quality stands. Ensure that they have good feedback and check their testimonials to get a good understanding of their reputation for producing these. It is crucial to remember that the one they will provide you with will be displaying your marketing message and will be the first thing that most exhibition visitors will see about your company on the day.…

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Enterprise Software Development lifecycle

What is enterprise software development?

Enterprise software development focuses on a company’s needs rather than individual user’s needs. Since enterprise apps are used within a company, they are developed based on the internal environment and business processes. Organizations of different sizes and industries have different demands. The goal of enterprise applications is to fulfill a company’s specific needs and meet specific business goals.

The majority of modern enterprise systems implement the SaaS model when software is developed using web technologies and is hosted on a cloud. Sofware as a service approach ensures rapid performance and flexibility of a system. However, some organizations still prefer traditional desktop apps as they provide greater security and control.

6 steps of enterprise software development lifecycle

The development of enterprise software requires thorough preparation, careful planning, and well-established processes. A clear vision of the project’s goal and qualified implementation get a fair opportunity to penetrate the market and even set an industry standard.

Here is your step-by-step guide to efficient enterprise software development.

Step 1: Product discovery

The product discovery phase involves an in-depth analysis of the organization’s needs. The process starts by gathering requirements from project stakeholders and adapting existing ideas to current workflows. In this way, you can answer some important questions that will affect the course of your enterprise software development project.

Step 2: Planning and estimating

Planning determines the project roadmap for meeting business goals, budget, and deadlines. Effective planning helps allocate resources wisely and avoid typical stumbling blocks during software product development. With detailed technical specifications at hand, you can identify the rough estimates for delivering an MVP.

Step 3: Design

Armed with the results gathered in the discovery phase, product designers step into customer’s shoes and walk through multiple use scenarios. After determining usability logic, designers create functional prototypes of the future enterprise system. This approach eliminates the risks of system redesign at a later stage.

Step 4: Development

From now on, developers come into play: they will set up the cloud environment and create the business logic and the user interface. Focusing on the core features is critical while developing software for the enterprise. Remember that you don’t need the most advanced software. You need software that suits your organization and delivers business value. 

Step 5: Testing

The quality assurance team will perform a series of manual and automated tests to ensure the quality of code and user experience, including functional, load, compatibility, performance, and security testing. Often it means going back to the previous stage to fix bugs and improve performance, but worry not — it’s a good thing. It’s always better to find the bug yourself than letting users find the bug for you.

Step 6: Deployment and maintenance

At this stage, the freshly built and tested product moves to a production environment where users can see and try it out. Now is the best time to fine-tune your enterprise system by adding new features and improvements according to user feedback.


Technically, enterprise software development is a niche in software development. The main difference lies in the context of its use. While general software development refers to both customer-focused and business-focused products, enterprise software development targets specific organizations within a specific industry.

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Using Exhibition Stands For Hire is a Flexible Option

Using Exhibition Stands For Hire is a Flexible Option

As many people know visiting an exhibition means that you will see a great many types of exhibition stands. Some of these stands that you will see are ones which have been hired by companies for that particular exhibition. In order to obtain the right type of stand you may want to look on the internet to see the different exhibition stands for hire as this will provide you with a clear idea of what is available and how these stands look. You will find the preview option to be quite useful as you will have a better idea of whether a particular stand hiring company can provide you with the product that you need.

The various companies you will see on the internet can provide you with many different stands for hire as well as helpful options and sometimes accessories you might find quite useful. Since there are numerous companies as well as a multitude of items which can be used with these stands it is in your interests to see what type of stand and other accessories and tools you can use. You should also make sure that you understand the terms and policies which each of these companies have with regards to the hiring of these stands.

In addition to seeing these items of information, you should also try to see how these different stands can fit in with your requirements for participating in an exhibition. This is important as you will need to have the requirement information at your side when you are looking through different types of exhibition stands for hire which are available. To ready yourself for this aspect of hiring a stand you may wish to consider the reason for participating in one of these events. For instance are you demonstrating some item, or are you taking part in a view only exhibition – such as artwork – or are you selling goods or information.

Based on this need you will find it easier to choose from the numerous stands for hire. This means that you will be able to look at the various shapes and sizes of these stands and envision which ones will provide you with the space and looks that you require. You can see the dimensions of these stands given on some of the online company pages. In addition to seeing these dimensions you will have the chance of seeing if you need to hire or buy a graphics wall or over head banners.

You should find out well ahead of time if there is any way that you can customise the exhibition stand. By taking the effort to find these various details out you will make sure that you are choosing an exhibition stands for hire company that will suit your needs and ensure that customers will desire to see what goods and services you have available for them. The end result is one which is well worth the time and effort that you put into researching the various exhibition stand rental companies. So the next time you are looking forward to participating in an exhibition you will know what to look for in renting an exhibition stand.…

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3 Things You Can Do to Ensure You Get Good Results From Your Trade Show Giveaways

3 Things You Can Do to Ensure You Get Good Results From Your Trade Show Giveaways

Promotional items are very popular at exhibitions and trade shows. By putting a few promotional pens on the desk at the front of your stand, you are bound to attract people to visit you to discuss your products and/or services. Free promotional gifts have a proven track record at exhibitions but if you follow this advice, they could actually do a lot more for you.

1.) Keep the gifts in an easy to reach, unintimidating place: Not everyone wants to speak to you on your stand. There are many reasons why they may not want to enter into conversation such as limited time or shyness, but this does not mean they do not want to talk to you. By ensuring that they can easily pick up your promotional gift and brochures, they can get your details and contact you when they feel comfortable discussing your product and/or services.

2.) Ensure your gifts carry enough information: It is often hard to print some logos and details onto products. The print area may be too small to print all of the information you want to offer your targeted audience. If the promotional item of you choice does not have a large enough print area to print your information in a way you are very happy with, don’t buy it. There are plenty of promotional products out there in every price bracket so look until you find the best one for your needs. You will be happy you did.

3.) Get the information you require: Cheap promotional gifts are easy to give away at trade shows and exhibitions. They will promote your company and over time win you customers. In addition to the inexpensive giveaways placed on your stand, however, you should also consider offering a couple much nicer gifts such as personalised umbrellas, clocks or clothing that can be won in a business card draw. For relatively little spend, you will get a good record of the majority of people that visit your stand allowing you to pro-actively contact them.

For more information about promotional giveaways for exhibitions and trade shows, contact a promotional gift supplier that specialises in these business gift items.…

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Measuring the Non-Monetary Value of Your Exhibition Program

Measuring the Non-Monetary Value of Your Exhibition Program

Looking at the return on your exhibit investment often has to do with monetary gains. But what if you are among the many exhibitors whose objective has nothing to do with sales?

Are these exhibitors doomed to a life of never knowing whether their exhibit program is yielding value? The answer is “no”. Corporate and not-for-profit exhibitors can enjoy a non-monetary value of their exhibition program if they know where to look.

The 2009 Center for Exhibition Industry Research study called “The Cost Effectiveness of Exhibition Participation reported that over two thirds of respondents either agreed or strongly agreed with the following three statements:

• Exhibitions increase corporate and/or brand recognition,

• Exhibitions assist in gaining/retaining market share,

• Fewer sales calls are needed with an exhibition lead because the decision maker was able to meet with staff at the exhibition.

The conclusion was that there is additional value to a show beyond the ability to generate leads. Exhibitors who focus on lead generation alone look for a return on investment (ROI). Exhibitors who focus on non-monetary objectives look for a return on objectives (ROO)

Calculating ROO is a matter of taking the following steps.

1. Articulate your objective

Non-monetary objectives include such things as your ability to reinforce relationships with existing customers, introduce a brand message or create awareness. The trick is to think carefully about what is the primary focus of your exhibit.

2. Identify who the message is for

Except in the case of a highly focused show, rarely will one message be of interest to all the attendees at a show. It is important to create a profile of the person who will most likely respond positively to your messages.

3. Quantify

Putting a number to the objective is simplified once you have completed the first two steps. Your quantified objective now reads, “I want to introduce three key messages to fifteen senior buyers of large chain store.

See how clear it can become?

4. Determine your performance indicators

You now need to ask the question “How will you measure the results?” The answer to this question is in your performance indicators which are the tools you will use for measurement. Performance indicators can include such things as surveys, post-show web-traffic, or appointment with qualified buyers. Choose the performance indicator that makes most sense for measuring the specific objective. When you change your objective you may also need to consider changing the performance indicator.

5. Establish your benchmarks

Benchmarks are an important consideration with non-monetary objectives. Benchmarks provide you with an objective method of measuring improvement. Let’s say that your non-monetary objective is to reinforce brand awareness and you choose to measure it with a survey of booth visitors. Before visitors leave you should ask them a few pointed questions which will reveal their perception of your brand before they entered the booth and the change in their perception after the visit.

Let’s say that at a show you found an increase of 20% in visitor’s awareness of your brand message. The next time you go to this show you now have a benchmark which you can use when making changes to your display and your booth personnel’s approach. You might target to increase the percentage or leave the percentage the same but at a lower cost.

You may always have thought that there was real value in your exhibit program. Now you have a way to prove it.…