3 Things You Can Do to Ensure You Get Good Results From Your Trade Show Giveaways

3 Things You Can Do to Ensure You Get Good Results From Your Trade Show Giveaways

Promotional items are very popular at exhibitions and trade shows. By putting a few promotional pens on the desk at the front of your stand, you are bound to attract people to visit you to discuss your products and/or services. Free promotional gifts have a proven track record at exhibitions but if you follow this advice, they could actually do a lot more for you.

1.) Keep the gifts in an easy to reach, unintimidating place: Not everyone wants to speak to you on your stand. There are many reasons why they may not want to enter into conversation such as limited time or shyness, but this does not mean they do not want to talk to you. By ensuring that they can easily pick up your promotional gift and brochures, they can get your details and contact you when they feel comfortable discussing your product and/or services.

2.) Ensure your gifts carry enough information: It is often hard to print some logos and details onto products. The print area may be too small to print all of the information you want to offer your targeted audience. If the promotional item of you choice does not have a large enough print area to print your information in a way you are very happy with, don’t buy it. There are plenty of promotional products out there in every price bracket so look until you find the best one for your needs. You will be happy you did.

3.) Get the information you require: Cheap promotional gifts are easy to give away at trade shows and exhibitions. They will promote your company and over time win you customers. In addition to the inexpensive giveaways placed on your stand, however, you should also consider offering a couple much nicer gifts such as personalised umbrellas, clocks or clothing that can be won in a business card draw. For relatively little spend, you will get a good record of the majority of people that visit your stand allowing you to pro-actively contact them.

For more information about promotional giveaways for exhibitions and trade shows, contact a promotional gift supplier that specialises in these business gift items.