A Guide to Choosing the Right Exhibition Merchandise

A Guide to Choosing the Right Exhibition Merchandise

There are many different giveaway items available for exhibitions and trade shows. The array of merchandise on offer is used to encourage those potential clients to remember you and your company name further down the line. It’s a never ending plight and there are a number of different goods on offers which are inventive, as well as those which the traditional promotional giveaway. The possibilities really are endless.

Take, for example, the firm expo favourite and probably the first thing people think of when ‘Promotional Merchandise’ is mentioned: pens.

Here are some questions to pose yourself if you were thinking to purchase a bundle for your stall:

Who is merchandise for?

Does it reflect the ethics and values of your business?

Does it have a large enough print area to print a logo and a message?

The idea is not simply to give them a pen with your name on and rely on fate; it’s to give them a small gift that they find useful and attractive, so that the name on the pen becomes associated with quality and will, hopefully, be remembered when they or a colleague requires a service you can provide.

Pens are a massive player on the promotional items market, but don’t assume they are the be all and end all. A pen is simply not just a pen; there are a wide range of different types of pens on the market ranging from executive pens to frosted pens as well as plastic and metal pens. Remember the quality of your pen says a lot about your company.

You’re going to see a LOT of items you’d maybe never thought of or considered and, if you choose carefully and imaginatively, you’ll be able to take advantage of the incredible options promotional merchandise can provide.

Think about the message you want to convey; not just the design and making it look pretty.

Remember the promotional merchandise needs to be small enough to be given to a passing potential’s hand. So other items which work well are stress balls, branded mints and keyrings, all items which can have a logo as well as a promotional message printed on them.

As we’re all aware the competition is getting tougher and smarter; image is becoming ever more important as time goes on. The key is and always was to make yourself unique and recognisable, and there is merchandise that can help your business remain in people’s heads long after you’ve packed up the stall. Browse the marketplace as there is something there to suit each company.