An Exhibition Policy in Your Corporate Insurance Package Will Cover You Against Many Issues

An Exhibition Policy in Your Corporate Insurance Package Will Cover You Against Many Issues

These days an insuring exhibition policy is indispensable. Many companies have been known to spend tens of thousands of Pounds – or even more – on trade events. With such sums being invested, equipment at trade shows has become increasingly more sophisticated and expensive, with organizations trying to outdo each other in different ways.

Some spend on brand-image-perfect custom stands, unique in design, that they hope will actually stand for the company in the years to come. Other companies create giant banners and light them up with spotlights – these banners float over the stands, ensuring that customers actually come to visit the exhibition stand in the first place. All this is valuable property that should be covered by an insuring exhibition policy. Other businesses go high tech, using ultra modern equipment like digital movie projectors to impress the crowd.

But generally speaking most companies go in for a more composite effort, merging a good custom stand with advertising effects like a spot lit banner, as well as using technology to accentuate these efforts. And obviously all these efforts means a large expenditure, an expenditure which needs to be protected. Because things can go wrong, even in the comfortable and relatively safe atmosphere of a trade show.

Let us consider the possibilities – a small short circuit in your lighting arrangement throws out sparks that catch on the woodwork of your exhibition stand. This is the sort of situation an insuring exhibition policy was designed for. The fire spreads, consuming not just your stand, but also your banner, your lighting and other gadgetry, including fairly expensive pieces like the movie projector. The blaze doesn’t even spare your promotional material, like those branded usb sticks you were planning to give out to promising potential customers.

The loss is total, but it doesn’t end there. No, sparks from your burning stand set fire to the adjacent stands, causing them to burn to the ground as well – and the owners of those stands sue you for their losses. Suddenly you find yourself not only down the cost of your stand and equipment, but in the unpleasant position of having to pay several people for their stands and equipment as well.

Without an insuring exhibition policy where would you be? But is that all? No – a couple of people were injured in the fire, and you have to pay their medical expenses, not to mention their legal bills and a certain amount in the way of compensation for mental trauma. Just how much do you think all this is going to cost you in terms of money, and in terms of potential sales lost, and in terms of time?

Yes, time – because your company will have to hire a good lawyer to represent it at court, then you yourself will have to allocate a certain amount of time to decision making, to negotiating with the opposition’s representatives, to actually attending sessions of the respective court, if necessary. Why go in for this much bother, when there is a far more efficient and cost effective alternative available?

An insuring exhibition policy will help you minimize your risks, the insurance company will pay to replace any property belonging to you that is damaged in the course of an event, and even fight your liability cases for you. And all this on the payment of an eminently reasonable fee.