Bahrain International Garden Show

Bahrain International Garden Show

Held at the huge Bahrain International Exhibition and Conference Centre, the Bahrain International garden show is a well established and extravagant affair which regularly attracts around 22 thousand people from around the world.

The Bahrain International Garden Show is the opportunity for companies from Bahrain and around the world to showcase an assortment of products related to gardening. The marketing department of the show make an effort to visit similar shows from around the world and invite the best exhibitors to attend this event. The wife of the King of Bahrain is heavily involved in the organisation of the show, an indication of the high esteem in which it is held.

During the show, the exhibition centre will be transformed into a colourful and vibrant super garden with thousands of different products and plants on display. Just walking around the event makes the trip worthwhile, so when you add in the constructive benefit of the show you can see why it is so popular. Not only is the show the perfect opportunity to learn about all of the recent developments and innovations in the gardening industry, it is also a great way to network with key players in the industry.

One of the best features of the Bahrain International Garden Show is the chance to talk to industry leaders from around the world. There will be the opportunity to acquire tips and advice from experts on how to improve your services and products as well as how to maximise the potential of each garden. To add to this, there are a number of conferences which take place throughout the show which address the current issues in the gardening industry. This will include the issue of eco friendly gardening techniques, something which will continue to be a major issue for years to come meaning that it will affect all involved with the industry.

On top of the various conferences, there will also be a number of workshops for the visitor to take advantage of. During these workshops the various exhibitors will be demonstrating their products and working with guests to explain how they can be of benefit to them.

At the show the visitor will be able to view all of the latest in seeds, garden technology, accessories and designs. This means that you will be able to experience everything from mini tractors and lawn mowers to soil softeners and clippers. When you add the outdoor living and home section of the show it is clear that this really is the ultimate gardening experience.