Brilliant Tips If You’ve Been Asked to Be Interviewed For a Conference Video Or Video Podcast

Brilliant Tips If You’ve Been Asked to Be Interviewed For a Conference Video Or Video Podcast

Event organizers are now beginning to realise the importance of having a conference video or video podcast as part of their marketing strategy. It’s a great way for extra traffic to be driven to their sites. As a delegate or an expert you could find yourself being asked to take part in short interviews but how can you ensure you come across well.

Follow these tips for being in a conference video interview or video podcast and you’ll be on your way to coming across in the way you advice is also great for those being asked to be filmed in other interview situations say for television or radio.

OK, first things first. You’re knowledgeable, passionate and articulate about the subject that’s why they want to film you for the conference video or video podcast, so relax!

Make sure your mobile phones are switched off. Even if they’re on silent, they can interfere with the recording equipment.

If you have had prior knowledge of the interview beforehand wear comfortable clothes. If you never wear a tie at work and then you put one on for an interview it can make you uncomfortable. If you wear a tie at work, wear a tie for your interview. Solid colours are best. Strong stripes can cause problems.

Shirts or jackets are usually better than jumpers or t-shirts. This is in case the film crew use clip-on microphones. These microphones are easier to attach to a shirt or jacket than a jumper or t-shirt.

Little time to put points across

It’s surprising how little time you have to get your points across in a video podcast or conference video! Think about the key point you want to get across. If there are two of you, you will probably only have time for two or three points each. You may also be surprised by how little of the interview gets used in the end. Don’t, however, do too much preparation as that sounds really false. On the whole interviewers will be on your side. Don’t use notes hand as you will instinctively look to them for help and we want you to focus on what’s in your head, not what’s on the paper. Also void a hard sell.

Follow this advice and enjoy the experience of your interview for a conference video or video podcast. Remember that they want to interview you because you have the knowledge. Good luck!