Crucial Advantages of a Modular Exhibition Stand

Crucial Advantages of a Modular Exhibition Stand

There are certain crucial advantages to a modular exhibition stand that no other sort of exhibition stand possesses. Of course, whether these stands are suitable for your company depends to a great extent on your company profile and the kind of trade shows and events your company represents itself at. Especially the number of events. However, no matter what your company profile, these stands can, to a lesser or greater extent, aid your company in expanding its customer base and extending its brand image at a trade event.

What makes these stands so effective? Well, for one thing the right sort of stand will demonstrate just how professional your company it. It also shows your attitude towards your business and your customers, and the initiative, originality and innovation displayed by your company.

Let’s discuss the different points in favour of a modular exhibition stand.

Firstly, it is easy to transport. This makes it just perfect for a company that tries to covers as many trade shows as it can in the course of the year. This sort of a stand can be disassembled into various small components, and then those components can be folded into the smallest possible space, making the stand very easy to transport. This saves massively on costs, as it means that not only do you not have to have a different stand per location, but your transportation costs are also lower as you have to transport a far lesser volume.

But that’s not the full extent of your savings. There is more – a modular exhibition stand is also extremely easy to assemble and disassemble, meaning that your employees will probably be able to do it with a minimum of experience, saving you a great deal on labour costs. No longer will you need skilled technicians to assemble and disassemble your stands – men who charge expensively by the hour. And that money you save can be redirected into advertising or other methods of increasing your customer base.

Thirdly, the components of the stand are adaptable, and can be fitted together into different configurations, depending on your needs. This makes the stand very versatile.

It also makes the stand more interesting. You can change the way a modular exhibition stand looks drastically several times in the course of a trade show, thus ensuring that customers will visit again and again to see ‘what’s new’. This not only adds to the imprinting of your brand image on their memories, but also keeps them away from the competition.

Besides this, this adaptability also ensures that you can set up a stand to suit changing needs, without the need to change it for a new one entirely. For example, if your stand is to hand out promotional material, you can have a central area with desks, lighting and music, where cheerful employees hand out leaflets and branded goods. In another location and at some other time, you might want to show a movie instead, as more in keeping with the mindset of the customers visiting that particular trade event. Not to worry – the desks disassemble, and a movie screen comes up smoothly against one wall of the stand. Now the empty central area can be used to seat the customers watching the movie.

This incredible versatility and adaptability is what makes a modular exhibition stand the perfect tool for your company.