Custom Pop Up Displays – An Uncommon Display Option

Custom Pop Up Displays – An Uncommon Display Option

A pop up stand is one of the standard pieces of exhibition equipment for anyone displaying at a trade show. The size of your display will be governed by the room at your exhibition but you will probably end up with either a 3×2, 3×3 or 3×4 pop up stand. The curved model of these stands are the standard type that most businesses use, but do you really want to be the same as everyone else? If you are at an event with companies that you compete against then you’ll want to stand out from the rest with a display that is unique.

There are a number of ways that you can make your pop up stand unique. You can increase the height, extend the width, and even alter the design of the stand by using a selection of pop up frames creatively.

Combining stands

Pop up frames have the ability to be joined together with the use of ‘ghost’ panels. These are individual panels, exactly the same size as the other panels on the stand but instead of being fixed to the main frame, the panel is used as a joiner panel between two separate frames to give the appearance of one seamless stand. This allows for all kinds of possibilities when you think of the variations that could be created. For example, two curved displays can be combined, one facing front and one in reverse. This will produce a snake like pop up stand that will form a gentle in and out curve. This can also be double sided if you decide to use it as a focal point to your exhibition.

You can also make some interesting shapes by joining pop up frames at 90 degree angles to create stands that will fit superbly into the corner of your display area. If straight displays are utilised then they can be extended as far as you want, covering your whole display wall.

Varying heights

Even though most pop up stands are 2.2m tall, there are larger stands on the market that will give additional visual presence for your display without taking up any additional floor space. A normal 3×3 is divided up into three units high by three units wide. Each unit is approximately 74cm x 74cm so a taller stand, a 4×3 for instance, would be four units tall by three units wide. This makes the display the same width as a 3×3 but almost 3m tall. This is certain to look distinctive amongst stands that are all basic height. It also gives you more scope for the design of the artwork for your stand as you now have more design area to work with.


Whether you decide to use a standard sized pop up display or a unique, custom stand, there are a number of accessories that you can apply to your stand to make it more than just a space to present your graphics. There are integral display shelving units that can be integrated into a stand as well as literature shelves for the display of company brochures and booklets.

Whichever pop up display you decide to use, the most crucial thing is that you create a display that is astounding and reflects your business effectively.