Danube A River of Europe – An Elder in the Family

Danube A River of Europe – An Elder in the Family

It’s the second largest river in Europe; it flows across four capitals; it’s been classified as an international waterway and even has an iconic waltz to its there’s much more to the ‘Danube’. Just as generations walked along the Danube’s 2800 kilometers long course, the river too has witnessed man transform hundreds of times.

Danube – The River of Europe

Danube – the River of Europe, was a photo exhibition that celebrates a river which is almost like an elder in the family across the 10 nations that it flows across. A joint endeavor of several EU nations – Germany, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Romania, the exhibition was a portrait of Danube at its most significant points. Poets and men of word have often described a river like a person and have spun yarns on the myriad moods of nature’s creation and the images here are a testimony of the same.

The Danube dons a different shade depending on where it passes a historical site such as Germany’s Sigmaringen Castle; it’s come across as a seasoned and a keenly observant diplomat; at the Danube Island in Vienna the reflective lights make it look like a very space age android; it becomes a charmed character straight out a Grimm Brothers’ fairy tale in Austria’s Donau Auen National Park and there are many more personalities that it becomes.

More about Danube – The River of Europe Photo Exhibition

Beautifully organized by the Hungarian Information and Cultural Centre, Delhi; Danube – the River of Europe exhibition was almost like a boat ride on the fabled river. Divided into portraits of countries the collection shows Danube’s relation with not just nature but also the people whose lives it touches. The images of young girls ritualistically throwing flowers into the river; the aerial view of Slovenian rivers flowing into the Danube along with the one of Srebarna Svebarna Bird Sanctuary where a freshwater lake runs along the Danube, this exhibition was the story of a lifetime. Perhaps the one image that makes this trip worth the effort was the morning view of the Danube between the Bulgarian and Romanian border. One of the best images of the entire collection, it showed was the Danube bathed in a brilliantly illuminated early morning bluish hue where its silent waves speak volumes and you are simply left spellbound.

Danube – the River of Europe was on display at the Hungarian Information And Cultural Center, New Delhi India.