Exhibition Hire – Which Items Should I Be Renting?

Exhibition Hire – Which Items Should I Be Renting?

When you are preparing for an exhibition you should consider hiring exhibition items. This is especially important if you rarely attend exhibitions or if you are taking part in an exhibition that is in a different city or country and where the transport costs would be considerably high. In this situation, exhibition hire is a good exhibition.

Before you attend an exhibition, you should make a list of everything that you will need in the exhibition. Once you have this list, divide it into three columns: Items that you already have, items that will be provided by the exhibition venue and items that you do not have.

Once you have a list of everything that you do not have, you have two options. You can either rent these items or buy them. Go through each item and decide on each separately. There are three key things to consider:

1) How often will you use this? If you are going to use the item in the future (whether in future exhibitions or in a different capacity) consider buying the item. If you will use it rarely, rent the item.

2) How expensive is the item? Naturally, if an item is inexpensive, consider buying it as there is a very little financial investment.

3) How large is the item? Some items are very bulky and awkward to transport. These items will also be expensive to transport to the location. For these types of product, consider hiring them.

Some of the most common exhibition hire items are: pop-up stands, mannequins, display plinths, display boards and exhibition furniture. Technological items, especially, are also often hired because they are expensive, can be damaged in transit and, most importantly if your exhibition is in a different country, often will have a different plug and voltage.

The next time you are taking part in an exhibition, consider hiring furniture as it could save you time, save you money and make the whole organizing of your exhibition much easier for you.