First-of-its Kind Interactive Smart Phone Application For Exhibition & Event Industry

First-of-its Kind Interactive Smart Phone Application For Exhibition & Event Industry

FOR EXHIBIITION ORGANISERS: The Mobile Phone Service is not only designed for use at the exhibition or event but for communication with people 24/7/365 days a year. You will love the real time alerts feature that can send messages to users stored in the alerts section. It will work with any software and requires little work for the Organisers. The mobile service features an easy-to-use management tool.

A great feature of the mobile service is that it costs nothing to use!

it can even make you money through low cost direct marketing that Exhibitors and Attendees will be happy to get.

FOR THE EXHIBITORS: It is the best way to reach an audience. Exhibitors are seeking to attract. From low-cost interactive banner advertisements that can direct visitors to their stand to redeemable coupons that can create a busy stand, the mobile service delivers the only interactive advertisement of its kind.

Promotion of new products, giveaways, special guests and drawings are attention-getters. It is an Exhibitor’s best friend helping to create a unique relationship with visitors through two way communication, scheduling meetings and marketing information, that used to be handed out is now downloaded and stored in the mobile service application and icarried home with the visitor!

Everyone benefits from the cost savings made on printing and saving the environment – helping everyone go GREEN.

FOR THE EXHIBITION VISITORS: The mobile service enhances the exhibition experience beyond anything else available on a phone. Unique features that include linking you friends to each others schedule, interactive floor maps with routing to stands, social media interaction and the ability to download brochures from exhibitors so you don’t have to carry around bags of paper are just some of the features. Getting and staying organised and updated is easy. Its interactive capability allows you to create or update your schedule on the go and all of your exhibition information stays organised in one place.

When you are not at the exhibition, the service still delivers, with local business providing free coupons that make the application purchase an ROI a 100 times over!