Guide to the Tashkent Uzexpocentre

Guide to the Tashkent Uzexpocentre

The introduction of the Uzexpocentre in Uzbekistan has transformed the region into a key venue for Exhibitions in the central Asian region, in recent years. Shows such as the ‘Tea and Coffee expo’, ‘Mining World’ and the ‘International Oil & Gas Exhibition & Conference’ are just a few of the shows which now take place in the Uzexpocentre each year and the centre continues to attract more major shows continually. A look below at the Uzexpocentre in more information and also some tips on reaching the centre:

The Uzexpocenter is an Open Joint-Stock Society National Exhibition Company, which is part of the Republic of Uzbekistan’s Ministry of Foreign Economic Relations, Investments and Trade and has become an awards winning venue in recent years. Located in Tashkent, the Uzexpocenter was built following a need for a high quality exhibition centre in the country and construction of the complex began following an order by the Cabinet of Ministers in Uzbekistan.

The centre was opened towards the end of 1992 and since then it has hosted several prestigious events and has helped boost international trade in the country. The centre was originally called the Uzexpocentre Republican Trade Exhibition Centre, however the name and the structure of the complex was changed in the year 2005. It is now known as the Uzexpocentre Open Joint-Stock Society National Exhibition Company.

The main facilities of the Uzexpocentre include its 1250 square metre Atrium hall, press conference hall, exhibition hall and outdoor exhibition space. In addition to these facilities, there is an additional exhibition hall and a number of pavilions in the exhibition centre. One of the more modern exhibition spaces in the building is the Pavilion No.1, which offers over 7000 square metres of exhibition space and can be used to host trade fairs, exhibitions and other events. In 2007, there was an additional pavilion added to the complex, which added another 12,000 square metres of space to the complex.

For exhibition visitors and exhibitors heading to Uzbekistan for the Uzexpocentre, the country and its customs remain an unknown quantity for many people, with the country off the beaten track and somewhere is often a new location for most visitors. If travelling from abroad then Tashkent International Airport will be your best option for entry into the country and this leave you able then to organise transport locally to the exhibition venue.