How to Graph Whiteboards With Magnetic Backing

How to Graph Whiteboards With Magnetic Backing

Whiteboards with magnetic backing are widely used in classrooms, lecture halls, offices, etc. as they can hold the duster, magnets, etc. in place. Using graph overlays is one of the best ways to graph the board. This article will tell you two methods of getting the graph done well and while the overlay method is snappier, the graph paper method works out cheaper. Most of the school going kids use the graph paper methods while the adults prefer the overlays.


The overlays designed for whiteboards are usually magnetic and will stick to the board without any problem. You will have both your hands free to do the tracing. The purpose of this is to not damage the board and be able to make a good graph. Always follow the instructions that come with the whiteboards as well as the overlay graph. This is a quick way of getting the job done and is quite popular in offices and with businessmen.

How to complete the graph?

Once you have the graph overlays in place, you can draw a graph the regular way and then rub off the markers. You should only use dry markers as the other markers can damage your board. The ink can get through the graph paper and stain your whiteboards. These stains are permanent and cannot be removed. It always needs drawing like you normally do so keep a nice ruler at hand. The magnetic properties of the whiteboard make it a little easy for you to draw it.

Using graph paper

Another way of doing it is by using the regular graph paper. You can them place the large sheet of paper on the whiteboards using the magnets and then draw on it using a market and rulers. Graph paper rolls are available in most art stores or other drafting supply depots. You will find pen holders very useful while drawing graphs as they are magnetic and can be attached to the board without any trouble. They are quite large and hold all your pens. All your pens will also remain within reach which is important when you are concentrating on getting the graph right.


There are a lot of different markers in the market and one should be very careful while purchasing them for the whiteboards. If you don’t get the right one, you may ruin your whiteboard. A lot of dry wipe markers are available in the market that are of good quality and cheap as well. Different colored dry wipe markers are excellent while drawing a graph. Colors always make everything clearer and the entire presentation will look better and more attractive as well.