How To Make An Impact With A Vinyl Banner

How To Make An Impact With A Vinyl Banner

A banner is a powerful tool for any advertising opportunity. They are cheap, flexible, easy to put up and take down, easy to store, re-usable and easy to clean. With a range of banners in your repertoire you will be best placed to set up an advert pretty much anywhere it is safe to do so. Let’s look at the different types of banners and where you can use them.

Banner Stand

The best kind of banner stand is the one you don’t notice. A banner stand is a bit like an easel for painting but a whole lot more sophisticated. With a banner stand you can set up any banner in any location with a flat surface, just perfect for exhibition displays. You might be taking part in a series of trade shows with a range of different locations where you have to set up. This could mean some days you have a wall and some days you don’t. With a banner stand you eliminate the worry and you can make an impact with a bold image on a PVC banner or alike right at the front of your display. Banner stands come in really big sizes too for use for example, outside a shop or garage or in a shopping centre, where space is limited.

Mesh Banner

A mesh banner should have a perfectly measured image and slogan on it for use in bold advertising positions. Think billboard style. The smart thing about mesh banners is that their material is full of minute holes so it doesn’t catch in the wind, making it perfect for outdoors in the open and on the side of buildings. To make a real impact with a mesh banner, assuming your image and message is top notch; you need to get it in a great spot. If you can having it at the side of a busy road can work, as long as it’s not too distracting. Try driving around and looking for good spaces where people can safely view your banner, but don’t bother putting a phone number on it or any info they need to write down. Instead try using ‘Search for ‘your product’ on Google’ or find us in the Yellow pages or something which will help them find it easily.

Pull Up Banners

These sneaky devils are great for guerrilla marketing as they can be set up elsewhere and put up in seconds. Don’t leave home on a high street flyer adventure without one. Experiment with messages that will get people to stop and ask a question.