Lighting Your Trade Show Exhibition Stand

Lighting Your Trade Show Exhibition Stand

Lighting is playing a more important role in the trade show or exhibition stands than in previous years. In the past, most exhibitors relied on the lighting from the exhibition hall itself and very few exhibitors added extra lights to the stand. Now, the trend is to use lighting to feature the stand and to attract attention from passersby.

New trends in the use of lighting for exhibition stands go beyond simply highlighting a particular product, although exhibitors still use lighting for that purpose. Now, regular exhibitors consider lighting to be one design element of the stand that complements all the other elements. There is little point in selecting signage, if no-one can see it. Lighting the signs to show the signage in a more dramatic or attractive way is a common use of lighting.

When you meet with your exhibition stand designer, you need to answer questions about your intentions and expectations for your stand. This will help your designer to incorporate all the design elements, including lighting, to ensure the finished exhibition stand achieves your business and marketing goals for the trade show.

While lighting is one of the main design elements one can use, exhibitors who tend to focus on signage and colour often overlook it. However, lighting can make the difference between a boring stand and one that attracts the crowd. With technological advances in lighting options, there are many ways you can use lighting to attract attention to your stand.

Use a spotlight behind a fabric sign to create a highlight of the stand with the colours of the fabric shining around the sign. Use a downlight to show off a particular product from a pop up display or mirrored lighting behind the display to create an atmosphere of depth and dimension to the product. Use coloured lights to emphasis the colours of the theme of your exhibition stand.

With so many options in lighting now available, your exhibition stand designer can help you to create areas of shadows and light to highlight the specific areas of your exhibition stand as will best suit your needs.

When you design the lighting into the stand, consider the electricity requirements and where the electricity cords will go to be unobtrusive and not create a trip hazard for the staff manning the stand or the customers. Consider how to hide these items in the shadows to prevent ruining the effect of the lighting.

Judicious use of lighting as a design element for your display stand is as important as the design of your whole exhibition stand. Neglecting the lighting leaves you open to loss of interest in your stand. Use lighting to attract the attention of passersby and highlight different areas of your stand. Create a warm and inviting atmosphere for your potential customers and you will reap the benefits. The latest trends in exhibition stand design all use lighting to great effect.