Make Your Own Display Boards

Make Your Own Display Boards

If you have a dresser lying around that is too junky to save, by all means throw it away. But, how about saving one or more of the drawers to make display boards out of? These are a great craft project and will dress up any bedroom, sewing room, play room, or even kitchen. It’s a great way to get the kids involved in a project at home and will spur their creative juices.

First, paint the drawer to give it a fresh new look. You can choose any color you wish, to go with your existing decor. Allow the paint to dry for at least 24 hours.

Next, get some cork-board and cut it to fit the inside of the drawer. Glue it to bottom. Allow the cork-board to set for a few hours.

Then, cover the cork-board with some paper. This can be anything – leftover wallpaper, paper used for lining shelves, even some leftover wrapping paper (although you may need a couple of layers of wrapping paper because it may rip easily.)

Now, you can hang your drawer/display boards on the wall. You can leave the handle in place, or take it off. Not only do you have a pretty device on which to hang things, you have a built-in shelf that you can use for small items like pens, string or yarn.

You can display things like cards, appointment reminders, calendars, pictures or postcards.

Put the board up over an existing shelf for extra storage space in one spot and to add to your existing decor. You could use up all of the drawers and have one in every room if you wish. They are practical, functional and pretty. You could even give some away as gifts.

They are great for college dorm rooms, where space can be limited. This makes a great project for a rainy Saturday afternoon.

Display boards can be made from any number of various types of drawers, both deep and shallow. Use your imagination to create some unique hangings for your wall. You can paint designs on the outside for an even better look. Any teenager would love to have this in their room, even boys. You can make it more ‘boyish’ by choosing darker colors or darker paper for the inside. You can even leave out the paper altogether and just show the cork-board as is. There is no end to the possibilities.