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Display Design Stands and Their Uses

Display Design Stands and Their Uses

If Display designs are having diversity why the stands cannot have? The stands are having variety of shapes, sizes, and different styles. It’s a myth that stands are all the same. The fact is that exhibition stands have a wide variety. From simple portable to full build exhibition stands. Several large format print stands are also offered by companies that can be used in conferences.

Various stands like Pop up stands which are used amazingly to launch the product in an attractive way. If you are planning for larger presence and acquiring grand space; then supplier will suggest you about Pop up stand. Exhibition stands are suitable for those who are planning for trade show. These are in demand and can meet all the needs of the customer. Banner stands are one of the most expedient and experimented tool for launching a brand or conveying a message at a trade show. These are highly durable and cost-effective.

Retractable banner stand is the combination of both pop up and exhibition stand. It’s highly portable, easy in set up and can be use in trade shows, conferences and sales meetings as well. These are most preferable tool for promoting the brand as these are affordable and light-weighted. Such stands are tough and long-lasting because these have to undergo through the rough and painstaking life of business world. Such Portable stands can be fold and put into a small bag. It’s versatile nature gives an option to the customer to select as according to his taste and preference.

There are some tips that designer should keep in his mind while designing the display design banner stand. The banner stand should be attractive. It should grab numerous staring eyes of the mass at a place. Use such punch lines that will automatically catch the eyes of visitors. Right information with right graphics should be there. Make a hierarchy; put the most important information on the top according to the eye level of clients. Do not fill the whole banner with information. Just remember that viewer will take a glance of stand.

So, ultimately this prove that your stand have just a few seconds to do magic on viewer’s mind! Do not advertise different messages on a single stand. Most important message should be your first priority. Graphics that are used should be professional and premium quality. Using vibrant and bright colors will be a good idea. He needs to combine his thoughts with creativity to produce an attractive and appealing stand. Several new designs are upgrading every day. If your display design stand was designed years ago, then you should update it with new designs.…

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Exhibition Stand Equipment Can Help Your Stand to Stand Out

Exhibition Stand Equipment Can Help Your Stand to Stand Out

Marketing managers make use of exhibition stand equipment and displays, as part of their marketing mix to enhance the profitability in a face to face advertising campaign. They are commonly used to set an artificial, branded and highly aesthetic pitching environment and allow you to showcase your business principles and outline what it is your company can offer. Designing an exhibition stand is a specialised field and should be undertaken by a professional organisation with experience in this field. If you want your visitors to access your stand easily and to feel comfortable, you must avoid any unnecessary physical barriers. Always keep in mind, your company image and how you want to be portrayed quality, high-tech, established, contemporary, sporty or traditional and make sure that your corporate image and identity should be prominently featured.

• Good quality exhibition stand equipment and stands are usually affordable, reusable and highly recommended by many professional marketers. These items can be supplied as an outdoor all weather banner stands printed in full colour or mounted in a vinyl banner frame complete with fittings. Outdoor vinyl banner stands are fitted with a base which can be weighted with sand or water to keep the vinyl banner in place in windy conditions.

• When it comes to custom exhibition stands, then these incredibly mobile and light weight items are the pick of the bunch. They offer quick set ups and easy transportation, which can really make life much easier for you.

• Some exhibition stand equipment and displays are quite suitable for bigger display spaces such as a traditional popup stand which features an easy up pop up frame with high quality hanging exhibition graphics, or covered in Velcro friendly fabric panels. There are few exhibition stands, which offer a modular brushed aluminium frame that can be added to from a seamless exhibition graphic wall in stands of up to three meter widths. As far as a twist modular exhibition stand system is concerned, it comes complete with integral spotlights to create a really modern exhibition stand.

• These tools are lightweight and easy to transport, are a great way to get your business noticed and stand out above your competitors at large exhibitions or small conferences. They can be laminated to form a fantastic stand graphic display while still being durable for a busy exhibition environment. Some of the additional features include lighting options, internal storage shelves, and accessory poles for adding display shelving, literature holders or even small digital displays. You can even add a connector piece to the top and expand unlimited multiples for one large inline counter top.

• There are companies, who can offer a great range of products which are truly cost effective and can be used as an ideal networking tool. They can help you design your stand in a way, which can really make your space stand out from those around you.

These exhibition stand equipment and displays can be utilised in a number of different scenarios to create brand awareness, attract an increased customer base and boost your return on investment.…

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Why Use a Custom Built Exhibition Stand at Trade Shows?

Why Use a Custom Built Exhibition Stand at Trade Shows?

If you are going to exhibit your product or services at a trade show or an exhibition, a good idea will be to go for a custom built exhibition stand. A custom stand is tailor made just to met and match your requirements. It gives your company a visual presence that you need to have in the exhibition. With the help of these tailored stands you can have an immediate impact on the visitors that are in the exhibition. The size and shape of these custom built stands is not limited, unlike pop up stands they are more versatile. You are not limited to specific shapes and sizes, make your own requirements and have a custom built exhibition stand for your company.

The stands that are custom built according to your requirements are made up of many raw materials like fibber glass, steel, aluminium, glass, timber etc. all these materials are assembled up to make them look attractive and elegant. The design of this stands is just perfect for the audience to look once and come. Another important thing in a custom built exhibition stand is the use of LEDs, colour lights that are fashioned in such a way that they attract more visitors, they make them to come and see your product.

As the stand is tailored according to your needs it can be designed to convey the message you are trying to convey, your goal and mission. These stands are reliable and easy to handle. As the design is according to your own requirements and your own will it thus allows you to build an error free design that you want. Another problem in other general exhibition stands is that they may not have the space in which you want to exhibit your product. Custom built exhibition stand allows you to choose any size you want, how much space you require for the visitors to come in and go so that to ensure a proper way of communication.

When you are having a custom built exhibition stand you may first ask for a 3D image so that to ensure it is the same thing you want. You can change things during the design process of that stand. As all is in your hand, at the design phase changes can be asked to made, this is good as compared to a pop up stand which comes in static shapes and sizes and designs. Design flaws are eliminated, as you are going through the design process of the custom built exhibition stand. As they are tailored according to your needs they are more reliable than any other stand that may not fit your needs or requirements.

When it comes to the exhibition some good stand design companies provide you the whole package that includes erecting, dismantling the stand and storing it when not in use.

Custom built exhibition stands are a perfect choice for your business.…

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Exhibition Stands Fulfil Your Exhibition Display Needs

Exhibition Stands Fulfil Your Exhibition Display Needs

There are varieties of exhibition supplies that are great tools to use for sales and marketing purposes during tradeshows and exhibitions. They are available in various sizes and configurations to suit your requirements. Whether you are planning to participate in an outdoor event or an indoor exhibition, placing exhibition display stands in prominent areas around the venue can lead potential customers to your stand. Some of the reputed online suppliers with decades of experience provide wide ranging exhibition solutions to all types of small and large companies. You can get your supplies and display designs custom made to your specifications and within your budget.

Top Reasons to Choose Display Exhibition Stand

Banners and display stands are extremely versatile products. They are practical and offer excellent return on investment. Some of the reasons why these products are so efficient are; it is an attractive media to communicate your message. They are very portable, and can be collapsed and rolled when not in use. This makes them easy to store. These are eco friendly products as they can by completely recycled, thus also reducing your budget for future events. They are also very flexible, because most of the stands allow graphic panels to be exchanged and updated. This will help you have an endless supply of graphic panels which you can use in the future. They are easy to transport and absolutely maintenance free as long as you store them properly.

Tips on How to Make Your Trade Show Successful

Exhibitions are generally very short term events and hence you need to use everything you have to sell to your products and services and interact with prospective customers. The whole idea of participating in a trade show is to attract customers. You can be successful in getting customers to your stand only if you are able to impress them with your advertising around the venue. Therefore, concentrate on placing exhibition display stands all around the venue other than just near your stand. Place them near entrance and exit points, customer lounge, at a distant near your competitors stand, etc. Have messages that will arouse the curiosity of your customers to know more about the product. Don’t tell everything in the displays, this may not bring in expected results.

How to Buy Exhibition Supplies?

If you are planning to participate in an exhibition or a trade show, you will need a number of supplies to make sure that you achieve your goals and objectives of participating in the event. When purchasing tradeshow supplies, you need to take into account several factors such as size of the space allotted to you, the shape of the floor space, location of your stand, other areas where you will be permitted to display exhibition stand, exact measurements of the floor space, etc. Based on these factors you can get your supplies custom designed by an experienced online exhibition supplier.…

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What is a Wet-Bulb Globe Temperature Calculator, and How’s it Important?

A Wet-Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) calculator is used to approximate the outdoor bulb globe temperature (WBGT) from regular climatological inputs. It estimates the solar radiance of a clear sky by using the Kasten Czeplak algorithm.

Similarly, it uses Liljegren et al.’s (2008) process of heat and mass transfer to estimate wet-bulb globe temperature.

Wet-Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) is the measure of the “heat stress” in direct sunlight. It considers humidity, temperature, cloud cover (solar radiation), sun angle, and wind speed.

How To Use The Calculator

The WBGT calculator works out the WBGT directory on the grounds of three temperature components:

  • DB- Dry-Bulb Temperature
  • WB- Wet-Bulb Temperature
  • GT- Globe Thermometer Temperature.

The calculator then gives the results in degrees Fahrenheit, which can further convert to the preferred units through a pull-down menu.

The device used to measure WBGT has three temperature elements. These include:

  1. Black Globe Thermometer (Tg) – Estimates wind and radiation’s joint impacts.
  2. Natural Wet-Bulb Thermometer (Tnwb) – is a thermometer whose bulb is covered with a wet cotton wick, dampened with distilled water. Like Tg, Tnwb isn’t guarded against radiation or wind. This thermometer represents the integrated impacts of wind, humidity, and radiation.
  3. Shade Air Temperature (Ta) s– It represents the air (shade) temperature reported by a thermometer guarded against solar radiation.

It works under the formula:

WBGT= (0.1×DB) + (0.2×GT) + (0.7×WB), where:

  • WBGT- Wet-Bulb Globe Temperature,
  • GT- Globe Thermometer Temperature, and
  • DB- Dry-Bulb Temperature.

When using a WBGT calculator, it’s essential to allow the device 15 minutes to adjust to the conditions at the beginning of the measurement.

WBGT conditions change quickly. As a result, it’s advisable to read the device averagely for at least 10 to 15 minutes.

Suppose there’s an alteration in weather conditions from when the first WBGT was recorded (for example, the sky gets cloudy or the breeze stops). In that case, it’s advisable to start over again.

History of Wet-Bulb Globe Temperature Devices

It was first created for the US Marine Corps Recruit Depot in Parris Island in the late 1950s. Since the humidity at Parris Island can immensely rise, and marines were subject to rigorous training under the full sun in full military gear, there was a high risk of heat injuries. This device came in handy to monitor the sun’s heat stress and come up with healthy training habits.

It was later used by researchers across the globe to easily measure heat stress. Afterward, its uses have widened and are now commonly used by individuals and organizations worldwide. Some of the places it’s widely used include:

  • OSHA, military agencies, and many states use WBGT as a guide to controlling workload under direct sunlight
  • Experts advocate its use in sports demanding continuous exertion (like a marathon).
  • After an ISO 7243 recommendation, the device is widely used in occupational Health and Safety for working in high-temperature environments.

With numerous advantages and the ability to show heat stress, a WBGT device is an essential tool for everyone working in direct sunlight. If the WBGT record is high, it’s vital to take many fluids to help hydrate the body.

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Exhibition Stand Contractors Can Help You Come Up With a Winning Stand

Exhibition Stand Contractors Can Help You Come Up With a Winning Stand

With the help of qualified exhibition stand contractors, you can really increase your booth traffic and will also be able to express your most outstanding benefit so clearly and compellingly that your target visitors will make a beeline to explore your offer and speak to your staff. This would give a significant opportunity to enhance brand and product visibility, promote new and existing products, generate leads and drive incremental sales. Running a business is hard in this day and age and running a marketing campaign can be a bit more hectic, these professionals can make it easier for you, as they can help you advertise anything, which you can use them to spread the advertising message quickly.

• It’s quite easy to hire exhibition stand contractors, who can really help you achieve a lot from your event, whether it is an outdoor event that you are aiming for or an indoor event. They can provide with everything including superior quality service, creation and design.

• Most of these experts are quite capable of providing professional custom trade show display booths internationally. If necessary, they can help get the information on the type of visitors that the show attracts and the layout of the area you will have to display your business. They can organise for you your stand design and travel to your location and also offer a variety of exhibition stand designs and displays, graphics, hardware and sign holders both indoor and outdoor.

• Exhibitions stand contractors usually do both the off-site design and the on-site installation of the exhibition stand. They can even create for you the animation, graphics and art work for the stand and also help you set up the booths so that attendees can see everything clearly in an uncluttered space.

• They can come up with new ideas, like flowers and art work that will make the stand look more appealing and interesting.

• Whatever exhibition or display project you have in mind large or small, these professionals will provide a cost effective solution and will save you and your company endless hours by taking care of all of your exhibition stand needs. They will guarantee that your exhibition stand will successfully contribute to your success at the exhibition.

In order to ensure that you get the most at a trade show, you will need to hire experienced exhibition stand contractors, who can make everything really easy for you and help you meet all your marketing needs and budgetary requirements. They can really guide you to make your trade shows interactive, by setting up displays that attendees can easily access. In this way you will be able to interact with potential exhibitors and attendees, both in your pre-show marketing and during the show. This would allow to draw potential clients or customers towards your business and get you greater opportunity to increase sales, keep your company, your brand, in front of people and achieve your show objectives, as a result.…

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The Potential of Portable Exhibition Stands

The Potential of Portable Exhibition Stands

Portable exhibition stands have a vast potential in changing the strategies employed by the marketing department of your company. So what makes these stands so special? Well, to put it simply, portability, the ability to be dismantled and stored in a very small area, the ability to be transported long distances at a minimum of cost.

What all this amounts to is versatility, and on this you could base an entire marketing strategy. While your opposition spends tens of thousands of dollars on exorbitantly expensive designer stands, you can opt for a far more flexible and easy to execute strategy, and moreover one which will give your company a vast reach and a truly enviable brand image.

While your opponents work at creating unmatchable exhibition stands for a few key exhibits, you concentrate on affordability and on creating portable exhibition stands that can be packed away for cheap and easy transport to any location of our choice anywhere in the country. Then you hire a design team – even over the internet if you want to slash costs – and have them create the graphics that will give your portable stands originality and life. After this it’s only a question of producing the stands.

Using any event, no matter where or how minor, as an excuse, you can transport one of these stands to the event quickly, cheaply and easily and have it set up there even if you have just two or three employees on hand at the location. And using this strategy, you can cover events across the length and breathe of the country.

Also, the assembly and disassembly of these portable exhibition stands is so elementary that no trained professionals are needed. This is a huge saving in costs in an age where such professionals are likely to charge by the hour. With these stands, all you have to do is dispatch two or more employees to the location along with the stand, and they will set it up with little or no trouble at all.

What all this amounts to is brand awareness. While your opponents are known by a few select clients, your company will stand within the awareness of a nation. And that awareness, in business, is the secret to both success and power.

There are even more advantages to portable exhibition stands than even those I have elaborated here. For example, many of these stands are extremely modular, allowing you to create an ever-changing exhibit that can truly hold your customer’s interest. This can be done at different events or even during the same event – on different days, or during the same day. And this versatility is another factor that allows a portable, modular stand to compete with more costly versions for sheer effectiveness.

Consider all these factors, from cost to coverage to brand enhancement, and then consider whether the funds you have assigned to covering trade events are not better used in using portable exhibition stands to cover an entire country, rather than squandering it on massive, exorbitant designer stands that will be seen by a limited number of people. Consider whether your aim is the impressing of the select few or the conquest of an industry.…

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5 Ways to Make Your Exhibition Stand Stand Out From the Rest

5 Ways to Make Your Exhibition Stand Stand Out From the Rest

Participating in an exhibition can mean a significant business expense. Investing in the stall itself is just the beginning, with designing and printing marketing materials, purchasing signage and other costly outlays can all add up. However, those stands that draw in new customers, industry colleagues and suppliers provide a good return on your investment. Make your stand a standout at your upcoming exhibition by following a few simple tips.

1. Branding

An exhibition is an ideal setting to build brand recognition via signage, signature colour and atmosphere. Make sure that your stand design reflects your product line. If you specialise in office equipment, create an upscale office setting. If your firm designs entertainment software, ask your staff to create a design that dazzles. Make sure your company logo, the icon of your brand, is a prominent in your displays.

2. Engagement

The stand that commands a second look must actively engage the senses. Build a multi-level display table that will challenge people’s perception. Catch their attention with a power point presentation or video. Consider adding soft music that invites relaxed conversation. Have a tray of biscuits or an aromatic pot of coffee to serve your visitors.

3. Interaction

Take a leaf from the social networker’s notebook and integrate interactive elements into your booth. Invite people to try out a piece of equipment, if appropriate, or enter a name-the-new product competition. Make sure your entry blanks have a place where visitors can fill in their email addresses so you can add them to your online contacts.

4. Value

Make it worth a person’s while to spend time at your stand. Offer promotional giveaway items that will entice others to stop by. A personalised pen will go straight into peoples’ purses or pockets. However, a tote bag stamped with your business logo will advertise your brand throughout the exhibition. Display a door prize prominently in your stand and encourage people to come in and enter to win. Try and have enough staff on hand so that you can give people enough time and attention and not keep them waiting. People might be interested but might have their attention caught by another stand if they are made to wait.

5. Connect

Select outgoing, friendly staff members as your exhibition representatives. They should make eye contact with passers-by, greet them warmly and invite them in. They must be familiar with your business products or services and know their way around your stand. Make sure that your reps are not skulking in a back corner or reading the newspaper. Without staff who effectively connect with business prospects, your stand is nothing more than an expensive place holder. Time spent on staff training for the show and on ensuring you have the right people, can really make a big difference in the end results.…

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Who Built Pandora?

Who Built Pandora?

Roger Dean has been an; architect, graphic designer and the most prolific album cover designer of the 1970’s and 80’s. Rogers connection with music started only a few years out of art college in 1970 when he started designing logos and images for Richard Branson, who at the time was starting up Virgin Records.

Rogers style of distinct detail in his work makes every inch of a picture interesting. After his graduation from art college in 1968, Rogers first book, ‘Views’ was released in 1975 and received a brilliant reception as a showcase of his early works.

Views, along with Magnetic Storm in 1985 and later Dragons Dream in 2008 have been aspirational books that have shown the true extent of Rogers talents in the construction of epic landscapes, striking worlds and truly wonderful characters.

Any fan of his work would have seen the startling contrast between Rogers work and that of the new film from James Cameron, Avatar. The film has broken box office records, being the highest netting film ever. With a global turn over in excess of $TWO Billion, the film has already won several awards and has been hailed a true adventure epic.

However, the question remains, what was the inspiration for this incredible film. The links to Roger Deans work can be seen in the floating islands and dragons that dominate the startling scenery of Pandora, the world where the story is set.

Its seems very hard to distinguish between drawing inspiration from another artists work or simply taking their entire concept without permission. It is undecided which it is, or if it is either. There can be no mistake, James Cameron is a brilliant Director and Roger Dean an inspirational artist.…

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An Exhibition Policy in Your Corporate Insurance Package Will Cover You Against Many Issues

An Exhibition Policy in Your Corporate Insurance Package Will Cover You Against Many Issues

These days an insuring exhibition policy is indispensable. Many companies have been known to spend tens of thousands of Pounds – or even more – on trade events. With such sums being invested, equipment at trade shows has become increasingly more sophisticated and expensive, with organizations trying to outdo each other in different ways.

Some spend on brand-image-perfect custom stands, unique in design, that they hope will actually stand for the company in the years to come. Other companies create giant banners and light them up with spotlights – these banners float over the stands, ensuring that customers actually come to visit the exhibition stand in the first place. All this is valuable property that should be covered by an insuring exhibition policy. Other businesses go high tech, using ultra modern equipment like digital movie projectors to impress the crowd.

But generally speaking most companies go in for a more composite effort, merging a good custom stand with advertising effects like a spot lit banner, as well as using technology to accentuate these efforts. And obviously all these efforts means a large expenditure, an expenditure which needs to be protected. Because things can go wrong, even in the comfortable and relatively safe atmosphere of a trade show.

Let us consider the possibilities – a small short circuit in your lighting arrangement throws out sparks that catch on the woodwork of your exhibition stand. This is the sort of situation an insuring exhibition policy was designed for. The fire spreads, consuming not just your stand, but also your banner, your lighting and other gadgetry, including fairly expensive pieces like the movie projector. The blaze doesn’t even spare your promotional material, like those branded usb sticks you were planning to give out to promising potential customers.

The loss is total, but it doesn’t end there. No, sparks from your burning stand set fire to the adjacent stands, causing them to burn to the ground as well – and the owners of those stands sue you for their losses. Suddenly you find yourself not only down the cost of your stand and equipment, but in the unpleasant position of having to pay several people for their stands and equipment as well.

Without an insuring exhibition policy where would you be? But is that all? No – a couple of people were injured in the fire, and you have to pay their medical expenses, not to mention their legal bills and a certain amount in the way of compensation for mental trauma. Just how much do you think all this is going to cost you in terms of money, and in terms of potential sales lost, and in terms of time?

Yes, time – because your company will have to hire a good lawyer to represent it at court, then you yourself will have to allocate a certain amount of time to decision making, to negotiating with the opposition’s representatives, to actually attending sessions of the respective court, if necessary. Why go in for this much bother, when there is a far more efficient and cost effective alternative available?

An insuring exhibition policy will help you minimize your risks, the insurance company will pay to replace any property belonging to you that is damaged in the course of an event, and even fight your liability cases for you. And all this on the payment of an eminently reasonable fee.…