Participation in Trade Shows and Trade Show Stands – 102

Participation in Trade Shows and Trade Show Stands – 102

Participation in Trade Shows is no-brainer. There are some basic guidelines to follow, and you will do just fine. Putting on a positive attitude, a smiling face is one of these. An inquiring and open mind for suggestions and improvement is another. However, to really shine in the expo is a little more tricky. Below are some more advanced tips for getting the expected gains out of the whole trade show experience.

The stand… oh the stand

The most obvious and visible sign of your presence in the expo is your exhibition booth, or as some call, trade show stand. Asked what a trade show stand is, one can shortly summarize it as your office in the expo. In that stand or booth you will promote your company, tell about your products to potential clients, explain the services you provide, have a cup of relaxing coffee while negotiating a profitable deal with the visitors of your stand.

That is why the exhibition booth you have at the expo should be worthy of the image and prestige of your firm. The visitors at the trade show will carve the first impression concerning your firm by looking at the stand you have. Therefore, it is not optional to have the best stand you can afford. Don’t forget the central role it will play in promoting and representing your firm in the expo. A less desirable booth is bound to effect negatively the number of contacts you will make in the next few days.

And also don’t forget that we are talking about extremely time-constrained events. Given the limited time frame of only a few days a year, the sooner you attract the attention of your potential clients, the better. And you certainly will attract attention quicker with a nice looking and outstanding exhibition booth, than a dull and boring one.

Perfectionism revisited

Yet there is no single, universal definition of ideal trade show stand. The needs and conditions of every firm, expo, and industry are unique and distinct. For instance, the primary purpose of participation in trade shows in a specific line of business may be to increase and preserve the prestige of the firm. In another line of business, the primary objective would be to get a good old short term sales spree. What is more, the scale and market position differences among firms would also be a variable in determining their expectations. Hence, there is no single perfect exhibition booth. But that is not to say that you can not have a perfect stand. With due diligence to details and, one can not emphasize this enough, a strong understanding of your firm’s needs, you can have the perfect one for your firm.

To summarize, one can say that the stand you have should reflect the objectives of your firm, and project the image you choose for it. For these events comprise only a few days out of a long year, you will have to live with the consequences of the choices you made concerning the stand, at least till the next trade show. An unsuitable exhibition booth will certainly limit the returns you will get from from the investment you made in the whole trade show experience.

Long story short

In a nutshell, getting an exhibition booth designed specifically for you is a must. Getting a standard, run-of-the-mill booth provided by the organizing firm is a big no-no. In order to maximize the efficiency in expo participation, it is crucial to make use of the services provided by an experienced trade show services and stand design firm, one with which you can establish a positive and constructive dialog.