Pop Up Exhibition Stand Have Several Key Features Which Guarantee Returns on Your Investments

Pop Up Exhibition Stand Have Several Key Features Which Guarantee Returns on Your Investments

A pop up exhibition stand is one of the most popular choices when it comes to popularising your company at various trade shows, movable presentations, exhibitions, seasonal fairs, sales and other events of that sort. Why are they so much in demand? Simply because pop up stands have several key features which guarantee returns on your investments if you purchase a pop up stand for your marketing campaign.

First of all, these stands are portable, which gives one a nice opportunity to change the location if you want to visit a few events in the course of one day. Or even to move around during the same event, no matter whether it is a trade show or advertising campaign in a shopping centre.

A pop up exhibition stand is easy to set up, and it is standard with this type of stand that it can be assembled and disassembled by one person. So you do not have to hire the professionals for the setting up and removing process, you can easily do it yourself of with the help of any non-qualified employee of yours.

Of course it comes in a variety of designs, styles, shapes, sizes and materials, but best of all would be to choose lightweight model. The frame of the unit can be metal, plastic, wooden, or made of some other material, but besides being strong and reliable it should be light as well, otherwise it will reduce the mobility of the stand dramatically.

Other parts of a pop up exhibition stand are panels with fabrics, where you can attach the information needed, illustrations, posters and so on. Or these panels can be covered with your graphics, such as logo design, text of promotional message, contacts etc. Make sure the graphics you order are reliable enough and quality laminated, as your stand might be used not only indoors, but under the open sky as well. If the frame is metal, check that it does not get affected by corrosion.

Even if some unpleasant moment occurs, and some parts of the stand get broken, spoiled, unusable, do not forget about the warranty period. The quality of a produced pop up exhibition stand is so high these days, that lots of manufacturers offer lifetime warranty. It shows just how confident they are about the good service of their exhibition stands. In any case, make sure that the warranty period is at least one year.

Accessories play an important role as well, of course: they should be quite reliable too, but the most important factor is that they can be used as additional items for your promotional-advertising marketing. For example pay attention to a bag or storage case.

Indeed why should you waste an opportunity to spread the word about your company in a different way? Put your logo on the accessories as well, or at least choose the colour combinations of your brand.

A pop up exhibition stand has number of other advantages, but to name just a few is quite enough for a progressive mind to make a decision.