Pop Up Stands Create a Big Impression For a Small Cost

Pop Up Stands Create a Big Impression For a Small Cost

Pop up Stands with great graphics that create a big impression will be vital to the financial success of your presence at a trade show or exhibition.

Exhibitions are one form of marketing where with a bit on ingenuity and some careful planning a small company can have as much success in terms of business gained and money made as the big corporations who otherwise tend to dominate the marketing scene because of the vast budgets they command.

If you can come up with some innovative ideas to utilize your pop up stands in a fund way, you need not have a huge budget but can still get a real ‘buzz going’ with hordes of visitors crowding round your stand and nothing draws a crowd, like a crowd!

If you really put your heads together and come up with some great ideas and develop a theme for your stand and then get some great graphics to highlight this, it will really pay off. Make sure that you do your part in getting visitors to the show by marketing to your customer and your prospects databases and send them show invitations, details of your special offers and incentives for the show.

Make certain that all your stand staff are really well trained, motivated, enthusiastic and incentivised – they need to know that you value their effort and that going the extra mile, trying just that little bit harder is going to be rewarded.

Make sure that you have a cast iron, fail-safe mechanism for recording information from leads that you get, treat your leads like gold dust and follow up every single one, without exception when you get back to the office – if possible, have staff back at the office ready to work on the leads the following day if the show is spread over several days.

It is vital to remember that whilst a huge marketing budget undoubtedly makes things easier, it is still possible to have a hugely successful trade show if you have clever, fun, ideas and a lot of enthusiasm.

Pop up stands should definitely form the backbone of your exhibition displays and by making sure you do your homework before the exhibition, training the staff who will man your stand and making sure you make the most of every sales lead you get, your company will do very well from exhibiting at trade shows, even though your stand may be smaller than some of your competitors.