The Benefits of Professional Exhibition Stand Design

The Benefits of Professional Exhibition Stand Design

It is rare to have an exhibition where yours is the only company providing a particular product or service.

With rival firms selling their wares just a few feet away, your company needs to do everything it can to make sure it stands out among the competition. One surefire way of getting an edge is to employ the services of a professional exhibition stand designer.

Although putting a stand together may appear to be a simple and straightforward endeavor, this is far from the case. The best stands incorporate elements of architecture, interior design, marketing, sound engineering and product development – all specialist areas that most people are happy to leave to professionals.

A stand needs to be eye-catching and inviting but also practical so that once visitors are inside, they understand exactly what product or service is being offered and having the opportunity to ask questions or take away additional literature. The position of graphics, displays, brochure racks and even the wall panels themselves are all part of this and need to be balanced in order to present the company in the best possible light.

Exhibition Stand Contractors

A skilled designer will also choose materials and themes that reflect and enhance the values of your company. A high-quality, professional-looking stand also says something about the company exhibiting within it. Classy exhibition stand design can do wonders for your corporate identity.

The best designers produce stands that are re-useable, allowing you to attend shows in other parts of the country or the world using the same basic materials. Having a modular design, where elements can be added or taken away, allows you to install a version of the stand in venues of various sizes or ones which have different rules about the maximum build height or width.

An exhibition stand designer will often become the project manager for the exhibition and take responsibility for gathering together all the necessary workmen and craftspeople needed for the installation. This can free up your own staff until the moment they are needed and give you peace of mind that the people in charge of putting everything together know what they are doing.

Your First Exhibition

If you are planning your first exhibition, you can waste a huge amount of time and energy getting up to speed with the various rules and regulations that are contained within the manual of the venue. By hiring someone to design and oversee the project you can use your time more constructively.

If you are concerned about the cost, a good exhibition stand contractor can work within any budget. In many cases, the less money they have to spend, the more creative they are about finding way to satisfy the client’s brief. It is also important to remember that, if the goal of attending the exhibition is to drum up additional business, having a cheap-looking stand that attracts no visitors could ultimately end up costing you more in lost clients.

First impression count and if the first encounter a potential client has with your company is your stand at an exhibition, you’d best be sure it’s a good one.