What Is GITEX?

What Is GITEX?

The very well renowned trade show in the field of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies), GITEX (Gulf Information Technology Exhibition), has never failed to cause ripples among the enthusiasts in the field of consumer electronics. Be it a tech savvy individual or a mammoth in the consumer electronics industry, everybody has something crucial to take away from the week long GITEX exhibition that is held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, every year. The objective of conducting such a remarkable exhibition is to lay the perfect platform to promote and flourish the ICT industry.

The Past and The Present: GITEX 2008 to 2011

The annual event of GITEX is being conducted for several years, each year seeing significant improvement than the previous one. The past four yearly events have witnessed contribution from more than 136,000 ICT professionals all over the world. Over 3,500 domestic and international vendors in the field of Information Technology will be participated and gaining substantially from this exhibition in 2011. The awareness brought upon by this week long meet is unparalleled in the industry and so is looked upon as a seamless manifesto to bring together domestic and international vendors in the field of ICT together.

GITEX 2008 saw the first participation of Google as a corporation after it opened a branch in the UAE. The GITEX 2009 attracted visitors not only from the Middle East, but also from Indian subcontinent and North Africa. Citizens of around 121 nations participated in this most important ICT event held during 2009. Microsoft even launched Windows 7 in GITEX 2009 before anywhere else in the world.

During the GITEX 2010, free booths were sponsored by TIE in association with GITEX, to welcome revolutionary ideas and exciting proposals in the ICT field form new and emerging entrepreneurs. Subsequently, GITEX 2011 will witness participation from the winner of SCATA award 2011 as ‘Technology Provider of the year’ which was bagged by ‘Ehrhardt + Partner Solutions (EPS)’.

GITEX is also the perfect place to shop for outsourcing vendors since a number of high quality software services providing companies exhibit their expertise here. Those ISVs or IT companies who want to outsource part of their development or testing efforts can meet up with several vendors from countries like India to find suitable vendors.

The Future: GITEX 2012

GITEX 2012 is being considered to be the perfect market to introduce new inventions by most of the International corporations for the upcoming offerings of revolutionary gadgets coupled with unbeatable prices will be presented as irresistible packages to the consumers and retailers. As with every year, it is stipulated that GITEX 2012 will see a considerable increase in the participation from all over the world, as well as an increase in the overall revenue by at least 40%. It is, thus, a must attend event for those who do not want to be left behind in this digitally competitive world.