Your Imagination is Limitless

Your Imagination is Limitless

When it comes to the design of a booth or design of a retail shop, your imagination is your only limit. The problem with some people is that they have difficulty in thinking out of the box. In their minds, the possibilities remain within this neat little steel box…everything else outside of that realm is either unachievable or senseless. Like building a high rise tower, it needs to have the right structure but one should not forget about the design as well. After all, this is what attracts people to your booth!

Break out of the habit of thinking within the confines of a box. Stereotyping how a booth should look like will stop you from creating a knock-out jaw-dropping booth during your exhibition.

Allow for flexibility

Most modern exhibition display systems are flexible and portable. In fact, we’ve seen some that allows for multiple purposes and can go with many other types of flexible exhibition display is good news because we’re thinking along the lines of the ‘Lego’ concept.

Even though most exhibition booths look pretty much the ‘s square and it’s small, if you allow for flexibility, you can use the same display in your shop, during road shows or prop it up for promotions and sales.

Ask and you shall

Most of us have very static ideas about how to beautify our exhibition booth and if this applies to you, what you should do is to ask for help. Most exhibition display companies provide this consultation free.

Budget is a big thing

Creativity aside, don’t let the sales assistant derail you about the budget. Let them know that you’re not going to spend beyond your limit and ask them to recommend stuff that fits into that budget. If that’s not possible, consider alternatives and get them to recommend it to you.

The bottom line is that you should feel excited about presenting the whole thing to the people during the exhibition and you feel comfortable with spending that amount of money on it.