Exhibition for Fastener Enterprises

Exhibition for Fastener Enterprises

During 17th to 19th December, 2010, the Indiamart Fastener Expo 2010 & Hand Tools Expo 2010 which was organized by Unitech Exhibitions was held at Chennai Trade Centre (located on East Coast of south India).

The exhibition lasted about three days. There are about 120 exhibitors participated in this exhibition. 35 from Mainland China, 14 from Taiwan, and most of the others were from India. Among enterprises which are from Mainland China, about four exhibitors specialized in producing fasteners. They are Hangzhou Xiaoshan Gaofeng Nail Factory, Wenzhou Junhao Industry Co., Ltd., Wenzhou Wanda Fastener Factory, and Ningbo Zhenhai Hexin Standard Parts Co.,Ltd.

During these days, the exhibitors demonstrated electric power tools, hand and pneumatic tools, and fasteners, etc. And visitors get much information during this exhibition. The exhibitor from introduced Chinese suppliers to the buyers. Moreover, invited by Mr. Narinder Bhamra, the president of Fastener Manufacturers Association of India, also paid the visit to all the Chinese exhibitors one by one for further business negotiations.

According to the investigation on the local manufacturing, at present the following products still have advantages when being exported into India from China. The first one is the grade 8.8, 6.8 bolt or screw, diameter from M10 to M16 (also inch sizes). The second one is the SAE 1010/1018 nut, M6 to M20 (e.g. Hex nut, nylon nut, and flange nut etc.).

India, which has the population of 1.1 billion and the great potential of 2.5 million car output annually, is an emerging market. It has become world’s the third largest automobile consumer market after the United States and China. It has a large requirement on the industrial equipments and components. The range is wide which covers all low-end to high-end products.

It is undoubted that the exhibition provides a good chance for most of the fastener companies. It gave them more information. Moreover, it also brought them a lot of business cooperative opportunities.