The Potential of Portable Exhibition Stands

The Potential of Portable Exhibition Stands

Portable exhibition stands have a vast potential in changing the strategies employed by the marketing department of your company. So what makes these stands so special? Well, to put it simply, portability, the ability to be dismantled and stored in a very small area, the ability to be transported long distances at a minimum of cost.

What all this amounts to is versatility, and on this you could base an entire marketing strategy. While your opposition spends tens of thousands of dollars on exorbitantly expensive designer stands, you can opt for a far more flexible and easy to execute strategy, and moreover one which will give your company a vast reach and a truly enviable brand image.

While your opponents work at creating unmatchable exhibition stands for a few key exhibits, you concentrate on affordability and on creating portable exhibition stands that can be packed away for cheap and easy transport to any location of our choice anywhere in the country. Then you hire a design team – even over the internet if you want to slash costs – and have them create the graphics that will give your portable stands originality and life. After this it’s only a question of producing the stands.

Using any event, no matter where or how minor, as an excuse, you can transport one of these stands to the event quickly, cheaply and easily and have it set up there even if you have just two or three employees on hand at the location. And using this strategy, you can cover events across the length and breathe of the country.

Also, the assembly and disassembly of these portable exhibition stands is so elementary that no trained professionals are needed. This is a huge saving in costs in an age where such professionals are likely to charge by the hour. With these stands, all you have to do is dispatch two or more employees to the location along with the stand, and they will set it up with little or no trouble at all.

What all this amounts to is brand awareness. While your opponents are known by a few select clients, your company will stand within the awareness of a nation. And that awareness, in business, is the secret to both success and power.

There are even more advantages to portable exhibition stands than even those I have elaborated here. For example, many of these stands are extremely modular, allowing you to create an ever-changing exhibit that can truly hold your customer’s interest. This can be done at different events or even during the same event – on different days, or during the same day. And this versatility is another factor that allows a portable, modular stand to compete with more costly versions for sheer effectiveness.

Consider all these factors, from cost to coverage to brand enhancement, and then consider whether the funds you have assigned to covering trade events are not better used in using portable exhibition stands to cover an entire country, rather than squandering it on massive, exorbitant designer stands that will be seen by a limited number of people. Consider whether your aim is the impressing of the select few or the conquest of an industry.